Looking For The Perfect Laboratory Table and Stainless Steel Workbench?

LabTech can help create custom laboratory table solutions for all your laboratory needs. We understand laboratory space is precious and table and instrument footprints vary, so we can help create the perfect laboratory table and integrate options that best fit your needs.

Some options available are:
  • Custom drawers or cabinets
  • Enclosures with cooling fans
  • Vibration dampening
  • Sound isolation
  • Adjustable leg options
  • Cable management/hose cutouts
  • Chemical resistant surfaces
  • LDC arms
  • Keyboard pullouts trays
  • Mobility options
  • Custom design per your requirements

Should you need custom science tables or carts, please call our friendly sales department and we’ll be happy to help design a table or cart to fit your needs.


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Flexible Custom Furniture for Any Applications

Our custom lab tables are sized and designed for your laboratory or workspace and can be outfitted with:

We also offer additional options, such as:

  • Enclosures with cooling fans
  • Vibration dampening
  • Sound isolation
  • Adjustable leg options, including hydraulic solutions
  • Cable management and hose cutouts
  • Chemical resistant surfaces
  • LCD monitor arms
  • Keyboard pullout trays
  • Casters and additional mobility options

We’ve outfitted labs and workspaces for clients in industrial, biotech, education, technology, healthcare, food & beverage, and more. Get industrial grade science tables for your science lab, prepwork, or retail space in the color and size that best fits your space.

Request a quote and share your requirements with us. Don’t worry if you need help, we’ll take care of the rest.

Quality materials

We understand laboratory space is precious, and working tables and instrument footprints may vary, so we are ready to help create the perfect lab bench and integrate options that best fit your work application.

Our lab worktables are made with all-steel frames. We use powder-coated paint which is safe in any environment, is chemical resistant, and easy to clean and wipe down.

Select from a variety of work surfaces for your laboratory tables:


Flexible stainless steel workbench and furniture

Protect your instruments and build a laboratory space that is both chemical resistant and flexible enough to adapt to fast-changing industry needs. We can build mobile or static science tables for your instruments, microscopes or other needs, or even build cabinetry or workstations to outfit your entire science lab.

Have a challenging or ever-changing workspace? Need help figuring out how to fit all your furniture? We offer complete mobility. Choose from science tables with total lock casters, leveling casters or mobile cabinets that can fit underneath your science tables.

Workbench storage options

Increase storage and efficiency with drawer and cabinet solutions for your science tables, or explore our workstation and cabinetry options complete with options like shelving and lighting.

ADA-compliant workbench and workspace

We offer ADA compliant lab workbenches and accessories. Make your workspace more flexible with adjustable legs or hydraulics for easy height adjustment, as well as keyboard pull-outs and LCD monitor arms for computer work. Popular accessories include built-in power strips, keyboard trays, and total lock casters for ease of movement.

Industrial stainless steel workbench

Outfit your science lab with butcher block lab workbenches that can stand up to tough industrial workflows, whether you’re in automotive or specialize in other areas of manufacturing and assembly.

Stainless steel tables with vibration control

Protect your equipment and get the maximum out of your microscopes and sensitive instruments with anti-vibration technology. We offer anti-vibration casters and leveling feet on our lab or science tables, as well as a range of comfort and safety features in our entire line of laboratory and heavy-duty industrial furniture, such as in-cabinet cooling fans and sound isolation for loud machinery.

Why Custom Stainless Steel Furniture?

Lab environments, be it a science lab or clinical lab, require specialized furniture. In many cases, this furniture will need to be customized and built specifically to accommodate different industries and their work environments. For example, those responsible for handling chemicals will need chemical-resistant countertops that keep the furniture and the lab technicians safe.

Whether you work in a biotech, medical, cannabis, or other type of science lab, you’ll need a science table equipped with a steel frame to suit your specific needs. These are critical when dealing with a variety of different chemicals and other substances that could cause corrosion. You’ll also need solutions for storage and height.

A durable lab table can hold over 1000 pounds, and the most well-made benches have a steel frame, and consist of a finish or tabletop that provides resistance to harmful chemicals, impact, and more.

Custom lab tables:

  • Promote efficiency
  • Improve accuracy
  • Heighten safety

Check out these reasons why your workspace requires custom furniture.

Create Order

With the right features, custom lab tables can introduce organized systems into your science lab. Organization promotes productivity and efficiency. No more papers cluttering up a tabletop, no more hunting high and low for a missing pipette. With a cleaner, clearer workspace, your workers will be able to perform their jobs faster and with considerably less stress.

A cluttered science lab is also prone to accidents. You’ll want to avoid workers bumping into equipment that shouldn’t have been there in the first place, or spilling chemicals onto important paperwork. Such accidents can destroy weeks or months of work – yet with clever organization, they can easily be avoided.

Instead of having a monitor take up valuable space on a science table, try LCD arms that keep the monitor up and away from the table. To further maximize space, consider keyboard pullout trays to free up space for what really matters. These solutions and more will help your lab technicians avoid dangerous spills.

Avoid Damage

With the right lab furniture solutions, you can avoid damage to expensive laboratory equipment.

As you know, some instrumentation is incredibly sensitive to vibration. With anti-vibration castors, you reduce the risk of microscopes and other instrumentation unnecessarily breaking. This will end up saving your lab tons of money.

Furthermore, preventing equipment from breaking in the first place promotes productivity, since your workers can keep working instead of waiting for equipment to be replaced.

Lastly, check out our mobility options. Some sensitive lab set-ups can break when being transported from one area of the lab to another. Instead of risking this by manually carrying equipment around, consider wheeled lab tables that can reduce the risk of damage.


Not all labs are built the same. Odds are you’re working with an existing lab and not creating one from scratch. This means that workplace design will be limited by the space you’re given. Traditional lab tables simply don’t work in these types of environments.

If you want to be able to truly maximize your space and optimize workflow within the lab, you’ll need personalized solutions. Whether you need science tables with custom sizing or heights, you can create the perfect lab to promote productivity and efficiency.

As your business grows, you’ll find that modular lab tables allow you to be more flexible. When you first begin using your lab, standard science tables may get the job done. However, as the lab gets busier throughout its lifetime, you’ll end up buying more furniture and equipment to accommodate certain needs.

Modular furniture allows your laboratory environment to change along with your lab’s needs. Unlike traditional science tables, modular design allows you to reconfigure your furniture as soon as you need change.

Maximize Space

Limited space means limited productivity. However, when you work with a lab furniture company to design custom science tables, workbenches, and casework, you can maximize the space in your lab.

This means you won’t have to compromise on buying lab tables versus necessary equipment. When you’re able to fit all of the pieces you need into one place, your workers will be able to more effectively do their important jobs.

Don’t forget, space maximization is about more than floorspace; it involves making all your spaces and surfaces work hard for you wherever possible. With custom laboratory casework and storage solutions, you can design the ideal science tables to ensure that workers have all of the equipment they need right in front of them.

Ensure Ergonomics

Ergonomics are key to an effective workforce. While looking out for your bottom line is important, what’s more crucial is taking care of the people who work in your lab. We know that these individuals often pull long hours, which can increase the risk of fatigue, back pain, errors, and accidents.

By ensuring the proper ergonomics, you can prevent all of these potential risks. Height-adjustable lab tables can help reduce back and neck strain, which means fewer sick days and a more productive and happy workforce.

Working with LabTech: What To Expect

LabTech can help create custom laboratory table solutions for all your laboratory needs. We understand laboratory space is precious and that science lab tables and instrument footprints vary, so we can help create the perfect science tables or lab benches with integrated options that best fit your needs.

Made in the U.S.A.

Our laboratory furniture, including our science lab tables, is all made in the USA. We deliver custom lab tables and laboratory workbenches to clients across the United States, in a wide range of industries. In addition to our local presence, we’re a quality and customer service-driven company.

Quick lead time and installation

Thanks to our quick customer service, manufacturing relationships, and quick installation, we’re able to provide some of the best lead times in the business. When you need custom lab tables, workbench or cabinetry solutions fast, turn to LabTech.

We’ll also send an expert installation team to your location to ensure your furniture is set up and ready to use with a minimal wait.

From concept to completion

We offer our clients a full-service approach, to ensure satisfaction of your science lab tables. We can indeed design, build and install science tables or furniture for any application and pride ourselves on putting customer service first.

Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and provide a consultative approach to outfitting your space. Whether you’re looking to outfit an entirely empty space or make upgrades to your existing laboratory or workspace, we’re here to help from the initial concept until project completion.

Choose from some of our standard size lab tables or ask about our custom applications, with the extras, colors, and practicality you seek.

LabTech Supply Company, Inc. Provides Complete Stainless Steel Furniture Solutions
Have a laboratory workspace that you’d like to outfit or improve?

Request a quote today and our team will get in touch to learn more about your needs. We can work with any budget or timeline. Our goal is to provide lab tables and laboratory furniture to help you make the most of your workspace, whether you need a flexible, ergonomic lab or lean space.

Lab Tables FAQ

There are numerous types because lab tables require materials that can withstand wear and tear, high temperatures, and extreme reactions—including high-pressure laminate, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, solid epoxy resin, and wielded fiber.

Depending on the function of the lab, a variety of materials are available.


Lab tables come in a variety of materials, compositions, prices, colors, edges, and finishes. Each application is distinct. As a result, the best lab table for your science lab is determined by the type of environment and the work involved.


The most commonly used lab table materials are epoxy resin, polypropylene, stainless steel, chemical resistant laminate, and high-pressure plastic laminate. Before deciding on a material, it is critical to understand the distinct advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The size of your lab table is an important factor to consider. The majority of lab tables range in:


  • Width from 24 inches to 36 inches
  • Depth from 30 inches to 120 inches
  • Height from 30 inches to 36 inches

The size of the bench is determined by the amount of available space in your laboratory or cleanroom. Furthermore, the depth of lab tables for various uses may vary, but your specific needs determine the length of the lab table.


Lab tables should ideally be at the following heights:


Lab table height should be higher than elbow height for precision work, which is approximately 37 inches to 43 inches above the floor.

Lab tables should be 4 inches to 6 inches below elbow height for heavy work which is approximately 28 inches to 35 inches above the floor.

First, make sure that no exposed wires or other electrical cords are present at any science lab tables. These cords should be tied or secured in a safe enclosure. Cleaning around cords and wires is dangerous and can also have an impact on the level of cleanliness you can achieve.


Individual science lab tables should also be dusted and organized on a regular basis and maintained by individual personnel. Small equipment and tools must also be removed for safe cleaning practices.


To achieve a minimum of 10% bleach, combine one part bleach with nine parts water. This should be enough for most lab table surfaces. Determine your lab table’s specific material to see if a different solution is required.

Dip a paper towel in the mixture and thoroughly wipe the science lab table surface. Don’t forget to clean the corners, edges, and undersides of your science lab table. To remove some residue, you may need to use a wire brush or another device.


Maintaining Safety: Best Practices to Consider


To avoid breakage and clutter—test tubes, pipettes, containers, and other equipment should be cleaned separately and removed from science lab tables after use. The areas around science lab tables should be decluttered regularly to avoid potential tripping hazards and keep lab equipment and other laboratory items safe from spills.


It is also important to protect yourself from harsh chemicals when cleaning your lab. To avoid chemical burns and exposure to harsh substances, wear protective clothing such as latex gloves, goggles, hair or head protection, and lab coats. Additionally, tie your hair up and out of the way if you have long hair.


To ensure safety in the event of unintentional chemical exposure, keep all hand and eyewash stations clear at all times.

Even though the majority of experiments performed in the lab necessitate tables with more features, a simple lab table is useful to have on hand.


It can be used to store equipment and data and books, and other research materials. A simple lab table with storage is ideal for those who want to use their lab table for both experimentation and storage of tools for equipment.

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