3 Critical Elements of an Ideal Laboratory Workstation

Workstations are indeed the backbone of any functioning laboratory. Proper arrangement and layout enable for successful research to be conducted, by supporting the team and their work, and looking after their needs and priorities. Therefore, it is essential to choose a workstation that can function well with both constant and changing demands.

Even though every laboratory is unique and may require different elements that are imperative for day-to-day work, some universal truths should always apply. Understanding what is necessary to maintain a steady workflow for an efficient, productive and safe workplace can help your business. Here is a closer look at the elements that make an ideal workstation.

The Design

When it comes to the design, there are a lot of things to take into account. The first and possibly most important is to make sure the laboratory is set up in a way that is time effective for your staff within a limited space. Inflexible placement of equipment can undoubtedly add to the daily workload and compromise accuracy if technicians continuously switch and stop between tasks. Therefore, attention should be given to proper arrangement and placement.

The second thing to consider when designing is ergonomics. Small things like easily accessible equipment, footrests and adjustable chairs and bench frames will make a big difference when it comes to your employees’ health, productivity and overall work engagement.  

The Perfect Fit

Often, the individuals within one laboratory have very different needs. When you add other parameters such as safety features and the cost of equipment, it becomes clear that workstations need to be optimized carefully. Before deciding what needs to be positioned where it is vital, is to take a closer look at the staff and their daily routine. The best possible solution must be tailored to the needs of every member, from tools and equipment to an appropriate work surface. With that in mind, make sure to find the perfect fit for the entire team.

The Quality

The need to purchase equipment and furniture that can withstand the test of time but provide a healthy work environment is immeasurable. It is an investment that when done well, it will pay off in the long run. The equipment you choose must satisfy the needs for practicality, safety, re-usability and of course, appeal. When looking into high-quality products, make sure you become familiar with the many different materials and find those that suit your specific needs.

Once you have taken all of this into account, what is left is organization. Remember, every laboratory needs appropriate work surfaces that have enough space for both laboratory equipment and computer furniture. Furniture should be adjustable, and benchwork should be comfortable with ample knee space. Lighting should also be fine-tuned to allow technicians and researchers to do their work correctly. Read more about our technical benches.


Considering the elements we mentioned above, plan to ensure everything conducted in the laboratory is executed correctly. The layout is the most critical element for an ideal workstation but also a highly demanding one. To take that burden off your shoulders, pair up with a reputable laboratory staffing agency and have a perfect workspace designed in no time!

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