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Chemical Resistant Solid Phenolic Compact

Chemical Resistant SPC is the laboratory surfacing solution that is formed with an extra chemically resistant layer to create a lab-grade work surface ideal for:

  • General laboratory work surface application
  • Reagent shelving
  • Prep room work surfaces
  • Science table tops
  • Mobile furniture and carts

Chemical Resistant SPC work surfaces are available in three colors. Chemical Resistant SPC work surfaces have a 96 Finish, which is a matte texture designation for Chemical Resistant Surface. The surface gloss value is 14-18. See chemical resistance for Chemical Resistant SPC. Read more about laboratory table manufacturers.


Solicor-CR is a color-through, lab-grade worksurface solution perfectly suited for both vertical and horizontal applications in environments where chemical resistance, durability and aesthetics are top priorities. This includes laboratories at the K-12 and university education levels, research & development facilities for the government, medical and pharmaceutical industries, and other segments such as healthcare, hospitality and retail.

The innovative Solicor-CR was developed in conjunction with Durcon parent company Wilsonart to give designers and builders what they have long asked for - a lightweight, easy to fabricate, chemical resistant worksurface that is the same color the entire way through.

That’s right - no more black core! Solicor-CR opens up a new world of possibilities for lab design by providing a modern alternative for almost every surface in a workspace.

Horizontal - Worktops, desks, reception, mobile stations, food prep and more.

Vertical - Shelving, partitions, cabinetry, elevators, stairwells and more.

Best of all, the debut colors for Solicor-CR were created to specifically color-match two of the most popular options for Durcon Epoxy Resin - Graphite & Gray.

Performance Characteristics & Benefits​​

  • Color-through
  • Color-matches Durcon Epoxy, Greenstone & SPC (click to view color options)
  • Lab-ready
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture resistance
  • 'Class A' rated for fire & heat
  • Ease of install
  • Impact & scratch resistance
  • Made in USA
  • Cost-effective
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Standard & Chemical Grade Solid Phenolic.

Standard Phenolic Colors

Standard Grade SPC work surfaces are available in a variety of colors. Standard Grade SPC work surfaces have a 60 Finish, which is a fine, matte texture with a slight sheen. The surface gloss value is 8-12.



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