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ESD Laminate

ESD laminated is the same material as HPL but has a carbon layer for dissipation of static. ESD dissipation rates are greater than 10/6th but less than 10/9th. Two ground bolts are supplied, one to each side of the work surface. They feature optional grounding banana jack and ground wires. LabTech provided a total grounding systems that grounds all surfaces, shelves and the frame to earth ground, ll ground wires are standard with this option, plug and play

HPL Laminate

Standard high-pressure laminate (HPL) is used on all standard work bench work surfaces, shelves, carts, etc. It is very common to have a standard laminate upper or lower shelf when using an ESD work surface. Standard 180-degree rolled front edge used for all work surfaces, all other edges are laminated with 1mm PVC edging.

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