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ESD Laminate

ESD laminated is the same material as HPL but has a carbon layer for dissipation of static. ESD dissipation rates are greater than 10/6th but less than 10/9th. Two ground bolts are supplied, one to each side of the work surface. They feature optional grounding banana jack and ground wires. LabTech provided a total grounding systems that grounds all surfaces, shelves and the frame to earth ground, ll ground wires are standard with this option, plug and play Read more about our lab bench furniture.

HPL Laminate

Standard high-pressure laminate (HPL) is used on all standard work bench work surfaces, shelves, carts, etc. It is very common to have a standard laminate upper or lower shelf when using an ESD work surface. Standard 180-degree rolled front edge used for all work surfaces, all other edges are laminated with 1mm PVC edging.

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