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Industrial Workbenches

LabTech heavy duty lab benches are built to last. Each industrial workbench is designed to support the weight load per the application. We offer a variety of works surfaces for the heavy-duty industrial workbench such as Maple Butcher BlockStainless SteelHigh Pressure Laminateepoxy resinor phenolic resin.

Frames will be fully welded and constructed to support the load capacity requested. Heavy duty casters and levelers are available as well as floor anchor plates. Other options are available for any industrial work tables.

Why Do You Need Industrial Work Tables?

Industrial furnishings for your lab can accommodate multiple uses and heavy loads, along with combat daily wear and tear. These heavy-duty workbenches are designed for everything with vibration dampening to heavy use with machinery and equipment.

The Right Industrial Workbench Materials

Your workstations should be built with the materials that are built to last. Choose from a variety of workbench options, from aluminum to stainless steel, and more.

Do you need help determining which material is right for your industrial workbench? Our team at Lab Tech can help you find the best work surface for the lab, no matter what your lab techs use it for.

The Right Accessories

Your industrial work tables should be as unique as your lab. Whether you need workstations at an adjustable height or extra storage solutions, you can create a custom industrial workbench that suits all of your needs and more.

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Features of a Custom Industrial Workbench

Here are some types of lab workbenches that you can have custom-made!

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Industrial Work Tables with Drawers and Cabinets

Today, the working environment is in focus, and we know a lot about how a healthy working environment influences the employees and the commercial advantages to be achieved when investing in the working environment. One of the commercial advantages can be a low absenteeism due to illness among the employees leading to increased productivity.

Local extraction, which is often referred to as process ventilation, is about removing the pollution coming from a working process before it reaches the surroundings and the employees’ faces. Therefore, the local extraction has to extract the pollution as close to the source as possible. For this purpose, the extraction arms from Alsident® Fume Extraction Systems are an excellent choice.

An extraction arm is able to get close to the source of pollution without interrupting the working process. Therefore, it is very efficient when it comes to removing the unhealthy pollution, such as chemical fumes, gases, smoke and dust.

Adjustable-Height Industrial Work tables

Lift systems can convert stationary, fixed-height tables to adjustable-height workbenches that can accommodate seated and standing work heights. Workers can adjust the height of the workbench to better see what they are doing and work much more effectively.

Heavy duty workbenches are crucial for your lab. You need long-lasting, durable tables that will stand up to the test of time, chemical spills, and more. Many tasks done on workbenches require constant movement, which is why it’s so important to have tables that can be used at adjustable heights.

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What to Look For in a Custom Workbench

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Adjustable-height workbenches are able to withstand the average wear and tear of the regular lab workday. The surfaces of these tables are made with materials of your choice, which can be resistant to chemicals and heat. Industrial work tables can withstand regular use regardless of the weight of objects placed on them and their applications.

Design Variety

Adjustable industrial work tables also come in a variety of designs. You can select yours from tons of design options and features depending on the application. What’s more, we offer customized tables and workbenches for individual requirements. Whether you need your workbench to fit in a small space or come complete with features, we can design the right workbench for your lab.

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Weight Capacity

Typically, industry workbenches can hold objects weighing more than 1,000 pounds. These tables allow you to work with heavy pieces of equipment at any height without the risk of breaking. Each workbench is designed to withstand most of the lab equipment your employees will use every day. With a heavy weight capacity, you can rest assured that your lab equipment and the workbench will stay safe and avoid damages.


Your workbenches will have special features that make working with them much easier, which will increase productivity in the lab, such as wheels or keyboard drawers. Make sure to choose your features based on what your lab needs. You’ll also need to consider workbenches that serve special purposes, which can include handicapped-accessible benches and microscopic tables.

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Workers in labs spend most of their time working on or around tables, whether sitting or standing. Ergonomics plays a key role in this environment. To prevent strain-related injuries and accidents, you’ll need to consider height-adjustable workbenches.

The ergonomic design of these benches will increase productivity in your lab, and you’ll be ensuring the quality of the work. With fewer instances of strain among your employees, you can expect more work to get done correctly and efficiently.

What to Look For in a Custom Workbench

These are just a few configuration and customization options. Others include:

  • Custom drawers or cabinets
  • Power strips
  • Tool balancer with trolley
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Adjustable leg options
  • Cable management/hose cutouts
  • Lighting options
  • LCD arms
  • Keyboard pullout trays
  • Mobility options
  • Custom design per your requirements

Why Go Custom?

Heavy-duty industrial workbenches are replacing traditional lab tables and desks. Customized industrial workbench can allow for better posture and better instrumentation contact, which means your lab will be functioning more efficiently than ever before.

LabTech’s products offer your lab customized solutions at affordable prices. Our expert customer service representatives are available to help you make the purchasing process quick and easy.

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Why Choose LabTech?

Do you have a workspace to outfit or renovate? Request a quote for your industrial workbench and other industrial furniture today and our team will get in touch to learn more about your needs and consult with you on the best solutions. We take a flexible approach and can work with any budget or timeline. We’re here to help you maximize your workspace.

Here’s why you should design your custom industrial furniture with us:

Lab Furniture Made in the USA

We create custom lab furniture right here in the United States. We create local job opportunities, support local makers, and ensure the prompt delivery of our custom lab workbenches, tables, and more to clients across the US.

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Quick Installation Process

Our incredible customer service and manufacturing relationships allow us to provide each and every customer with a quick lead time. Not only that, but we offer fast installation, further providing the quality of service that our customers expect from us! We send an installation team to your location to ensure that your custom lab furniture is installed and ready to use when you need it.

When you need lab furniture solutions pronto, make sure to call LabTech!

Full-Service Custom Lab Furniture

From concept to completion, we provide clients a full-service approach. We ensure satisfaction when it comes to your lab tables. We design, build, and install the best furniture for your lab and for any application. We always put our customers and their needs first.

Our knowledgeable customer service staff is here to answer any and all of your questions so that you can have a quick and easy consultation for outfitting your lab space. Whether you’re looking to fill an entirely new and empty lab or make upgrades to your existing space, we’re here to help from the beginning to the final installation.

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How to Order a Custom Lab Workbench

Have you found that the standard lab table and workbench just won’t work for your lab? If you’re looking to increase productivity and efficiency, it’s time to upgrade your lab furniture. Here’s how!

  • 1 Contact us or request a quote today.
  • 2 Once you’ve contacted us, our team will get in touch with you to learn more about your lab and your furniture needs. We are able to work with any budget and any timeline.
  • 3 Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll begin the design process, keeping you up to date on all our progress.
  • 4 From there, you’ll approve our designs, and we can begin creating the best furniture for your lab.
  • 5 When your custom workbench is ready, we’ll have it delivered straight to your address!

Design with LabTech!

We create custom lab tables and furniture to fit any application. We understand that your lab space is precious, and blueprints can vary. Whether you’re short on space or are looking for lab tables with special features, we can help you get the furniture your lab needs to run efficiently.

When you choose custom lab furniture, you’re not only choosing to enhance your lab, but you’re showing your workers the support they need from their employer. With custom workbenches, they’ll see just how much their health and their




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