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Industrial Workbenches


LabTech heavy duty lab benches are built to last. Each industrial workbench is designed to support the weight load per the application. We offer a variety of works surfaces for the heavy-duty industrial workbench such as Maple Butcher Block, Stainless Steel, High Pressure Laminate, epoxy resin, or phenolic resin.

Frames will be fully welded and constructed to support the load capacity requested. Heavy duty casters and levelers are available as well as floor anchor plates. Other options are available for any industrial workbenches.

Why Do You Need Industrial Workbenches?

Industrial furnishings for your lab can accommodate multiple uses and heavy loads, along with combat daily wear and tear. These heavy-duty workbenches are designed for everything with vibration dampening to heavy use with machinery and equipment. 

Industrial workbench

The Right Industrial Workbench Materials

Your workstations should be built with the materials that are built to last. Choose from a variety of workbench options, from aluminum to stainless steel, and more.

Do you need help determining which material is right for your industrial workbench? Our team at Lab Tech can help you find the best work surface for the lab, no matter what your lab techs use it for.

The Right Accessories 

Your industrial workbenches should be as unique as your lab. Whether you need workstations at an adjustable height or extra storage solutions, you can create a custom industrial workbench that suits all of your needs and more. 

Industrial Workbenches with Drawers and Cabinets 

Gone are the days where the standard workbench is only a surface with no storage options. Now, you can design your industrial workbench with drawers and cabinets so that they can find all of the tools and instrumentation they need throughout their day. 

Heavy-Duty Industrial Workbenches with LCD Arms 

Do you use computers in your lab? Consider how much space they take up on the average lab table. You can now create computer workstations or workbench with keyboards, mouse trays, and a monitor arm that frees up desk space for experiments and more. This will allow workers to multitask to the best of their ability and improve productivity for the entire lab. 

Adjustable-Height Industrial Workbenches 

Lift systems can convert stationary, fixed-height tables to adjustable-height workbenches that can accommodate seated and standing work heights and even multiple users. Workers can adjust the height of the workbench to better see what they are doing and work much more effectively. 

These are just a few configuration and customization options. Others include:

  • Custom drawers or cabinets
  • Power strips
  • Tool balancer with trolley
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Adjustable leg options
  • Cable management / hose cutouts
  • Lighting options
  • LDC arms
  • Keyboard pullout trays
  • Mobility options
  • Custom design per your requirements

Improve Productivity with Industrial Workbenches

In order to improve workers’ productivity, you must look at workplace ergonomics. Allowing workers to move around freely with the use of customized lab tables and industrial workbenches will make them more efficient. Industrial workbenches can allow for better posture and better instrumentation contact, which means your lab will be functioning more efficiently than ever before. 

Heavy duty industrial workbenches are replacing traditional lab tables and desks. Lab Tech’s products offer your lab customized solutions at affordable prices. Our expert customer service representatives are available to help you make the purchasing process quick and easy. 

For Your Industrial Workbench Need

Do you have a workspace to outfit or renovate? Request a quote for your industrial workbench and other industrial furniture today and our team will get in touch to learn more about your needs and consult with you on the best solutions. We take a flexible approach and can work with any budget or timeline. We’re here to help you maximize your workspace.

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