Packaging & Shipping

Pack and ship stations can be designed per your specifications.  Just let us know what your requirements are. 

Here’s a few options we can offer

  • Dividers for carboard
  • Overhead/Undermount LED lighting
  • Power strip
  • Paper spool
  • Utility drawers
  • Upper/lower shelves
  • Monitor arm/Keyboard pullout trays/document tray
  • Bin rail
  • Custom scale cut outs and much more

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We can help create a ergonomic workstation for all your pack and ship requirements.


Customizable ergonomic packaging workstations are designed to change the way your workers perform their jobs. With packing and shipping workstations, you can optimize the work environment of your employees, maximizing efficiency and reducing the costs of your business.

Packaging Workstations to Fit Your Needs: The Benefits of Ergonomics


Ergonomic packing and shipping stations can be completely customized per your specifications. You can select the best configuration, design your own workstations, or let us help you customize them to fit your particular needs. Here’s why that’s going to be worth the investment!




Packing and shipping stations promote productivity in the workplace. Ergonomics allows you to reduce strain on the body by putting the items that are used constantly within reach of the operator. This means that they won’t have to stretch or leave their chair, which saves time.


Other items are also close by thanks to nearby storage solutions, which will reduce strain. Items that are not used all of the time are also located at the station, which means no more standing up and wandering around the room looking for items that they use only once a day.


All of these factors and more will work together to streamline workflow while reducing employee fatigue.


Reduced Aches and Pains


Stress and strain can be caused by repetitive motions in the workplace. It’s crucial for employers to come up with a solution that can solve these problems.

The productivity of workers who perform repetitive tasks relies heavily on their health and wellness. Optimizing workplace design through ergonomic workstations can increase productivity and reduce sick days.


It is vital that ergonomic features be adjustable. Your workers come in all shapes and sizes with a wide range of physical abilities. Employers need to be able to provide the right accommodations for those with needs that may change over time.


These factors work together to streamline workflow while reducing operator fatigue and strain on their bodies.




Poor ergonomics can lead to frustrated and fatigued workers. These workers will not be able to put in their best work when a task becomes too physically demanding or taxing. For example, an employee who performs the same task everyday may eventually not be able to complete it as effectively because their body will develop aches and pains in specific places.


With improved ergonomic workstations, you can expect higher-quality work that remains consistent each and every day.


Employee Engagement


When the company provides them with the best furniture and work areas, employees notice. They’ll make sure to put their best efforts forward because when your employees are happy, they do more and better quality work. This can reduce turnover and decrease absenteeism.


Lower Costs


While you’ll see a positive change in production, ergonomic workstations will reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries. Employees who perform repetitive motion while holding poor posture will have an increased risk of injuries. By utilizing adjustable and customizable components, workstations can be configured to meet the needs of your workers.


By correcting postures and the position of workers’ bodies, workstations can help save your entire business money by avoiding repetitive motion-related injuries. Keeping your workers efficient can also maximize your ROI.


Custom Workstations


We design, build, and install custom packing and shipping stations with features that can improve workplace efficiency and productivity.

Features include:


CPU Support


A CPU support keeps your computer systems off of the floor, freeing up foot space underneath the desk.


Adjustable Height


Tabletop height should be adjustable so that your workers can modify their workstations depending on the day’s tasks.


Tool Trolley System


A tool trolley will help workers keep necessary items close by without taking up space on their workstation. A tool trolley allows workers to move all of their items as a unit around the lab as needed without leaving anything behind.




Packing and shipping Workstations require a worktop that can withstand heavy impact and plenty of friction. They must be durable and strong.

Available worktops include:


Plastic Laminate

Laminate is made up of sheets of wood that use an adhesive to adhere to the core material. It’s much cheaper than wood veneer and doesn’t require much maintenance, which can be ideal for busy workers.



High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is ideal for large items that require high impact resistance, which means it can be highly beneficial in the packing and shipping industry.


HDPE is highly resistant to cracking from weight and has a high impact strength. The higher the molecular weight and impact resistance makes this worktop surface also extremely resistant to the effects of a range of chemicals, including many acids, alkalis, farm chemicals, industry cleaning compounds, and more.


Not only that, HDPE worktops are resistant to abrasions, which means your workers won’t create scuffs or gouges despite handling heavy or textured items on top of the workstation.


Butcher Block

Butcher block is another ideal worktop solution for packing workstations. These edge-grain maple tabletops are often robust and extremely forgiving in environments that demand a lot of use.


They’re often finished with DURAKRYL 102, an acrylic coating that will repel alcohol, bleach, and other compounds and solvents. Butcher block is a material that can take on the daily wear and tear of repetitive tasks in the packing and shipping industry. They can also be resurfaced or repaired without special tools or skills, so they can always look their best.


Phenolic Resin

Phenolic resins are known for being highly resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. They are also flame-resistant and non-conductive, so they’re an excellent choice for workstations and workplaces that require compliance with fire safety and combustion standards.


Epoxy Resin

The epoxy resin used to be the standard surface for laboratory furniture. Epoxy resin tables are durable, long-lasting, and non-porous, which still makes them an ideal choice for shipping stations. This tabletop material is made by combining resin, silica, a filler, and a hardener.


Custom Packing and Shipping Ergonomic Workstations


Custom packing and shipping workstations boost productivity, efficiency, and employee health. If you’re looking to improve the ergonomics of your workstations, call us today!

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