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Returned Product

All returned products are to be pre-authorized by the factory and shipped prepaid referencing the Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) Number. Returned goods are subject to a 25% restocking charge. LabTech Supply Company, Inc. will not accept any return goods beyond 30 days from shipment. All returns products have to be approved by LabTech Supply Company., Any custom design workstations or countertops will not be returned.


All LabTech Supply Company, Inc. products come with a limited lifetime warranty. All structural steel components are warrantied for life against structural failure and 3 years for workmanship. Laminate work surfaces are warrantied for 3 years against delaminating and workmanship. All painted finishes are warrantied for 3 years against paint defects or flaking. Lights and any other electrical accessories are warrantied for 1 year.

Chairs: All non-moving structural components (seat and back rest pans, back bar, and base) come with a lifetime warranty. Seat and back rest foam, ESD fabric, and standard fabric are warrantied for 3 years, all other moving components are warrantied for 7 years. Warranty date starts at the time the product is shipped from our facility. Replacement or repair is at the sole discretion of LabTech Supply Company, Inc.. The warranty is based upon an eight hour day, five day work week.



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