HALO in Ceiling

HALO Purification System

Healthier, cleaner air in your laboratory
HALO  is a ceiling mounted laboratory grade air filtration system working to purify the air from fugitive emissions present in the lab, while also providing real-time communication with the lab manager and users, of the air pollution levels and 24/7 data.
The Halo is designed to effectively clean 4,000 cubic feet of space so there is no need for any HVAC connection, additions, or upgrades as each Halo is an independent system, taking polluted laboratory air, capturing the molecules and circulating clean purified air directly back into the laboratory.
Each Halo comes with Erlab’s state-of-the-art filters either for VOC capture, Chemplus for capture of a broad range of chemicals from solvents (organic and in-organic), acids and bases, or Formaldehyde capture.  
In addition to purifying the lab air, the Halo is also effective in the reduction of the air exchange rates per hour (ACH) needed to reduce possible concentration of pollutants.
On the job 24/7
Halo is continuously pulling the dirty air in the lab through the filter, adsorbing the molecules that cause noxious odors, and returning clean air back to the room through low-disruptive side vents. The laboratory-grade molecular filtration system contains Neutrodine, a unique and powerful activated carbon mixture combined with a pre-filter that captures a large variety of airborne fumes and odors, which left untreated, could represent a potential health hazard.
Simple to install
Halo is easily installed in the ceiling - no need to connect to your HVAC, 100% ductless. Multiple units can be installed to increase the coverage area. Installation is going to be similar to the lights in your drop ceiling.
Smart technology
Smart Technology™ – an exclusive set of tools that consists of Smart-Light Communication™, A soft band of light assures the occupants of the lab that the air is clean. When the LED lights slowly pulse, HALO is letting you know that it is sensing and capturing fugitive emissions. You can easily check the status, change the setting, or check for routine maintenance via your smartphone, tablet or PC.
- Healthier air with considerable savings
- Simple to install and use - no need to connect to your HVAC. Installation similar to light installation in a drop ceiling
- Easy access panel for quick filter changes
- BACnet capable
- Network the units to monitor remotely
- Benefit from the exclusive Erlab Lifetime

CaptairStore Ductless Filtered Storage Cabinet

Simpler to use, Safer to operate
Erlab’s CaptairStore Filtering Chemical Storage Cabinets are designed with advanced carbon filtration, Flex Technology and a simple, innovative way to keep you safe. With the push of one button, it will set you free of limitations in order to focus on what is most important: your work. The cabinet will be filtered 24 hours, 7 days a week, and you will not find a build up of vapors or odors present within the cabinet as the air is continuously being turned over. No HVAC connection to the outside required. The units will arrive completely knocked down and will require assembly (with the exception of the 822 B). Great to use for active use bottle storage, and sample storage.
Available Door Options:
- 822: V1: 2 storage compartments with sliding doors or V2: 1 storage compartment with large volume drawer
- 834: V1: 2 storage compartments: spill-proof shelves or V2: large volume drawers pull-out vertical shelves            
- 1634: V1: 4 storage compartments: spill-proof shelves or V2: large volume drawers pull-out vertical shelves
Chemtrap V201 Chemical Filtration Packs For Safety Cabinets
ChemTrap H402 Chemical Filtration Packs For Safety Cabinets

Chemtrap Filtering Option for Flammable & Acid Saftey Cabinets

Eliminate noxious vapors and protect against chemical inhalation.
Erlab's ChemTrap Filtration Option For Safety Cabinets is a filtration system that will filter the interior space of a flammable, acid, or corrosive safety cabinet. The filters will captures and retains toxic fumes, and returns clean air back to the laboratory, eliminating odors when the door is opened. Designed as a standalone system with no need for ducting to the outside, it is equipped with an adjustable pipe that accommodates connection points from the side or back of your existing cabinet via the bung.
- User protection while saving energy
- Easy installation, connection via bung port - No ductwork needed
- Eliminates toxic fumes and odors while purifying lab air
- Adaptable to any cabinet. Vertical (V) and horizontal (H) models available
- Meets AFNOR NFX 15-211 filtration efficiency standard and ANSI Z9.5 2012 standard      



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