Fume Extraction Systems


Alsident® Fume Extraction Systems are specialized in the production of high-quality extraction arms for various trades of business and working processes.

Our product range of extraction arms is very wide and combined with our range of fume hoods, we can deliver an extraction arm adapted to your requirements.

The extraction arms are constructed to be self-supporting, very flexible and easy to position during the working process.

Why do we need local extraction?

Today, the working environment is in focus, and we know a lot about how a healthy working environment influences the employees and the commercial advantages to be achieved when investing in the working environment. One of the commercial advantages can be a low absenteeism due to illness among the employees leading to increased productivity.

Local extraction, which is often referred to as process ventilation, is about removing the pollution coming from a working process before it reaches the surroundings and the employees’ faces. Therefore, the local extraction has to extract the pollution as close to the source as possible. For this purpose, the extraction arms from Alsident® Fume Extraction Systems are an excellent choice.

An extraction arm is able to get close to the source of pollution without interrupting the working process. Therefore, it is very efficient when it comes to removing the unhealthy pollution, such as chemical fumes, gases, smoke and dust.

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