3 Signs Your Lab Needs Renovating

Periodic renovations are an integral part of operating an effective laboratory. Unfortunately, in many lab settings, resources can be scarce, which can cause much-needed renovation projects to be put off much longer than they likely should be.

Additionally, it may also be difficult to recognize some of the many laboratory signs for renovation.

By forgoing regular and required renovations, labs may experience many negative consequences in terms of efficiency and laboratory staff safety. However, renovating your lab when it’s not necessary can waste valuable time and money.

To prevent others from making any critical mistakes when determining whether to upgrade or renovate their lab, we decided to put together a brief article to provide guidance along the clearance process before undergoing such a task.

To learn more about lab signs for renovation and whether it’s time for your laboratory to upgrade, continue reading below.

Things to Check to Avoid Lab Site Renovation

If you think your laboratory worksite is showing signs of needing an update but you aren’t sure where to start or if your lab area needs a renovation in the first place, you’ve come to the right place.

Despite your best intentions, it can be challenging to know when your lab may need to be updated by construction contractors.

Whether you are low on budget or simply do not want to follow through with the hassle of a major lab renovation, read below to discover things you should check for to avoid lab renovation.

  • Staff Safety

First and foremost, the key indicators that it is time to renovate your laboratory are if the lab workers’ safety is at risk or has the potential to lead to safety hazards and endangered life.

Labs that have not been upgraded in the last 20 years face several types of safety hazards that you alone can’t control, such as possible exposure to asbestos and other health risks. Additionally, pipe wrapping or countertops that were in construction before 1999 pose a high health and safety hazard in a laboratory.

For example, you will also want to verify that the size of your fume hoods suits your ventilation needs. If the fume hoods in a lab work unit are out of date, they may be too small to efficiently minimize exposure and risk of hazardous chemicals, gases, and fire hazards.

If any part of your lab area does not comply with the revised safety standards, a renovation should be carried out immediately and come up with emergency egress.

Health and safety codes are revised on an ongoing basis, so make sure you comply with them at all times.

  • Lab Equipment Maintenance Schedule

Secondly, if lab personnel find it challenging to work or are frequently interrupting each other when going from one position to another, it may be time to weigh your considerations regarding a quality lab renovation.

If lab personnel need to go to several workstations to complete their tasks, it makes it extremely difficult to work efficiently which is considered as work-related issues.

Before any significant renovations begin, set up a strategy to handle the worries, issues, and anxieties of your lab personnel. Quality renovations always create some sort of disruption, so be sure to put your lab personnel at ease that they will still be able to complete their work despite the distractions.

Additionally, you should also provide all of your lab personnel with a clear idea of the timetable of the entire renovation project. This not only provides your lab personnel with an adequate amount of time to prepare for the renovation but also allows them time to adjust their schedules if necessary.

Communicate with your staff regarding the entire laboratory renovation. The more prepared you are for a significant lab renovation project, the less stress, and anxiety that others are likely to incur, letting them take control of things. 

Why Do You Need to Renovate? Signs of Lab Renovating

Laboratory renovation and construction projects can be expensive and time-consuming. However, receiving a well-furnished, high-quality laboratory space in return is oftentimes worth the hassle.

Are you considering a significant laboratory renovation but may not know if your lab needs it? Take a look at a few of the most significant signs of needing a laboratory renovation below.

  • Temperature

One significant indication that your laboratory needs to be renovated is that it is experiencing substantial temperature fluctuations.

Due to the various kinds of processes and experimental results that laboratory equipment may use and is often subject to, they are often highly sensitive to temperature variations.

In addition, regular temperature changes can also damage the various types of devices found within a lab. Therefore, it is crucial for the laboratory space to remain at a constant temperature throughout the entire working day.

As such, if you find that temperature variations are frequently occurring within your laboratory or other items, you may want to consider investing in renovating your laboratory with newer heating and cooling systems.

  • Rusting

Another aspect that your lab is due for a significant renovation is if any of the lab equipment is beginning to rust.

A laboratory needs a lot of storage for chemicals and equipment. With the time and significant use of the numerous laboratories and equipment, items may begin to rust over time.

If your shelves and cabinets are not in good shape and are beginning to rust, you will find it challenging to store chemicals properly.

Having compromised storage units could also lead to chemical and gas leaks that may not only limit productivity but also pose a significant health and safety hazard.

The good news is that you do not need to change all of the shelving and storage units. Instead, only alter those that seem to have been compromised or destroyed by rust.

  • Old Equipment

In virtually every industry, time is money, and that is especially true in environments that are as time-sensitive as a laboratory environment.

As such, your workspace cannot afford to waste endless hours of calibrating and recalibrating outdated equipment. Although periodic calibration is a natural and required part of the maintenance of laboratory equipment, repeated calibration will not only reduce productivity but also significantly reduce the performance of the laboratory equipment.

Also, needing to re-test samples due to outdated equipment will also put a more considerable burden on your funds as time goes on.

In addition, frequent calibrations may also have an effect on the result of the overall experiment, leading to fluctuating results.

If you find that your laboratory equipment is in bad condition or continuously needs to be calibrated on a regular basis, it might be worth considering investing in upgraded lab equipment and result in more efficient work results.

Renovate Your Lab with the Help of LabTech Supply Company

Updating a lab site is critical to the science world, an important aspect of conducting successful experiments.

Just as scientific discovery continues to expand, a laboratory space area needs to evolve. Whether it’s a change in laboratory furniture, materials, or lab equipment, you always want to make sure that your lab is up to date with all the latest tools, equipment, and safety procedures.

To prevent your lab from renovating too soon or too late and draining your funds in the process, be sure to keep an eye out for all of the previously mentioned signs. By doing so, you will ensure that your lab is always up to date, not only aesthetically but also in regard to safety and productivity.

With more than 30 years of experience, LabTech Supply Company has provided customers with a wide range of furniture for all forms of lab workspace.

All of our lab equipment and products are assembled in the United States to ensure that our customers receive only the best equipment that fits their budget and is up to par with all aspects of industry standards.

To learn more information and if you have questions about renovating your lab worksite, contact Labtech Supply Company by calling us at 855-611-6231 or sending us an email at sales@labtechsupplyco.com today!

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