4 Ways to Increase Productivity with Laboratory Desks and Workstation Designs

Recent research has shown that custom-made furniture, such as laboratory desks and workstations, makes a sufficient difference when it comes to productivity levels in a lab.

Equipment that focuses on durability, accessibility, and ergonomics has showcased a large improvement in both the quality of productivity as a whole. As simple as it may sound, doing something as small as changing the laboratory layout and environment can also be a great tool to use when looking to increase your own work rate.

It should be mentioned that efficiency goes hand-in-hand with productivity, and in moving towards a space that is focused on efficiency, you will inherently increase productivity. 

Can Custom-Made Laboratory Equipment Increase Productivity?

When looking at lab desk furniture, it is great to keep in mind the way in which it will function. Asking questions like:

  • What is its purpose?
  • Where will it go?
  • What will it hold?
  • What instruments are used on it?
  • What position will one take when using it?
  • How will it improve tasks?
  • How does it affect my process and workflow?

These are all fantastic questions to ask oneself before undergoing the process of getting new lab furniture, as it ensures that the purpose of the equipment matches the need that is present within the office, lab, or space.

4 Ways to Find the Right Laboratory Equipment for You

As mentioned before, finding the right equipment that matches your needs is imperative to ensuring that workflow and productivity are maximized.

A good example is if you work with a lot of chemicals that have destructive properties, then it could be a good idea to invest in a laboratory desk that is resistant to chemical burns and scuff marks, which could hinder the progress of future projects.

The best way to make sure that your equipment matches the needs is to identify what certain key processes are and what need is created. Here are four ways in which specially designed equipment and lab tables can boost your productivity and overall efficiency.

1. Working with Hazardous Chemicals

We’ve previously spoken about the need for a laboratory table that can withstand the strength of hazardous chemicals. Some of the other ways that these lab desks assist you are with storing flasks and other tools and pieces of equipment that may have various different sizes.

A custom-made lab desk can be specially designed to hold and shelve these pieces of equipment without the risk of spillage or breaking during working hours and beyond. 

With this extra storage space, it is both reliable and stable enough to ensure that you can continue with work without needing to worry about spillage and the risk of hazardous chemicals causing damage to anything that may be extremely valuable.

Not only does this create a more productive and efficient environment, but it also lowers any risk of injury that is prone to occur within a lab environment.

2. Being Steady is Key

Accidents can happen at any time, and as such, it is great to have a desk that is sturdy and does not increase the risk of spillage or mistakes.

When you work in a field as cautiously specialized as a lab, having a lab desk that does not hinder your workflow is imperative in boosting productivity. Recent studies have shown that specially designed lab tables cause fewer lab accidents and mistakes than any other standard table. The reason for this is their stable and non-moving nature, which allows for more accurate and sensitive work to be handled without the fear of mistake-making.

This boosts productivity immensely as it has the ability to ensure that anyone working on a delicate operation does not have the fear and added stress of needing to take the imbalance of a traditional table into additional regard.

3. Avoiding Damages

When working in a lab, you will often have equipment that is worth a fortune, and it is important to ensure that every precaution is taken to prevent damage.

Since lab desks are specifically designed to be vibration-proof, this minimizes the overall risk of accidents caused by bumping into the table or anything that may cause the table to shake and the chemicals or equipment to become unbalanced.

This boosts productivity because it allows for a steady flow of work without the fear of something breaking and time wasted waiting for newer equipment to arrive.

4. Ergonomic Design

Most workplaces have begun to switch to equipment that is ergonomic. This means that tables and chairs have been specially designed to assist in boosting the overall quality of productivity and efficiency whilst also ensuring that fewer muscle tissue injuries occur.

If you find yourself working at a table for extended hours, then make the shift toward ergonomic furniture. This will not only boost the productivity that you have whilst undertaking a task, but recent research has shown that it is a fantastic way to increase your overall health.

Why is It Important to Change Your Lab Furniture?

Whilst some tables can withstand the test of time and seem usable, many benefits come with changing your lab furniture. It can improve your productivity and efficiency on a task while also improving your quality of work. 

These are all facets that one must take into account when making the decision to switch furniture. Equipped with the right information, you will see a definite increase in overall workflow within the lab whilst also minimizing the risk of damage and injury.

Anything can happen within a lab, so taking preemptive steps toward a safer and more positive working environment is a fundamentally important step toward boosting productivity.

Choose a Lab Table that Boosts Productivity with LabTech Supply 

If your laboratory is in need of a boost in productivity, a specially designed lab table will definitely make a big difference.

We are experts at assisting laboratories with equipment that makes a difference while promoting a more productive and efficient workspace. Secure a lab desk that will completely change your working environment for the better.

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