Custom Configured Laboratory Workstation To Improve Productivity

If you choose to buy a ready-made laboratory workstation, you will most likely fail to get one that meets your exact specifications. However, this should not get you worried since there is an option of having customized workstations which will ensure optimal workflow and consequently improve productivity.

A custom designed workstation is made according to your preferences hence they will perfectly fit into the laboratory space and will effectively serve its purpose. Below are some of the things you should consider when customizing your workstation.

The Tasks which will be Performed at the Workstation

As a crucial first step, you should outline the tasks to be performed at the workstation before ordering a custom design. Such tasks may include:

  • Consolidating laboratory orders which would call for extra space
  • Checking the items which are on the delivery list which would require a computer space
  • Quality control in case of damages whereby the workstation should be equipped enough to initiate damage containment and replacement process.

Determine the flow of Products within the Workstation

It is important to determine the movement of the products which are received at the workstation. Notably, if this step is overlooked, you might end up with a workstation that deters the flow of products causing congestion and delayed delivery. You should consider designing a workflow model which works towards minimizing wasted movements. The most efficient arrangement would be the straight-line flow whereby workers would access the workstation from one end leaving a lot of free space for other tasks.

Make a list of Equipment, Supplies, and Materials to be Stored in the Workstation

This is a very crucial step as it determines the shape, design, and size of the workstation that you should have. You should inform your custom designer about the volume of supplies which will be placed at the workstation to effectively run the day-to-day operation. Such supplies might include:

  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • CPU
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Boxes
  • Envelopes

Upon making this list, you should prioritize the items based on the ones which are often used. This will help your custom designer when deciding where each item should be placed on the workstation for convenience purposes.

Go for the Best Custom Designed Workstation

There are numerous workstation designs which might interest you but not all will perfectly meet your needs. When choosing your custom design, you should consider several factors to ensure that you maximize productivity such as:

  • Avoid using the workstation surface for storage purposes
  • Ensure that workers can comfortably move around the workstation to reduce the risk of injury
  • The workstation should be designed in such a way that the most utilized resources are within grab
  • The space surrounding the workstation should be easily accessible which ensures that they can be cleaned and kept neat

Having a customized laboratory workstation is very effective since it helps boost productivity. For such workstations, you have the liberty to decide the size and shape you want depending on your laboratory size, shape, and needs. At LABTech Supply Company, you can get the best deals when it comes to your custom lab furniture needs. Consider paying us a visit today!

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