Designing and Optimizing Your Laboratory: Custom Lab Benches and Tables

Having well-designed custom lab benches and tables is an innovative means of boosting productivity, efficiency, and total workflow within the laboratory environment. When deciding on what furniture you wish to include within the lab space, it is essential to identify the need that is present.

When needs are identified, it becomes easier to design and optimize the existing workspace. The goal of a custom lab table and bench is to ensure that your work is optimized rather than hindered.

There are many different options that one could choose from and designing furniture that directly meets the needs of your specific lab will ensure that you receive value for money whilst also making a long-lasting investment that will benefit the lab as a whole.

Why Designing Custom Lab Benches and Tables Are Important

As mentioned before, designing custom lab furniture is one of the first steps that a lab can take toward boosting its quality of work and productivity. Every lab is different, and as such, each lab will have its own set of unique needs.

Identifying these needs will allow the laboratory to pinpoint what is required of its furniture. In most cases, a durable piece of furniture that is highly resistant is the best option that allows the lab to have a custom piece of furniture that lasts.

Designing custom lab furniture also provides the lab with a unique feel that boosts the flow of work and daily ongoing tasks.

Key Needs to Identify

Now that we have discussed the reasoning behind designing custom lab furniture, let’s have a closer look at some of the needs that a lab may have to identify.

Having a closer look at these needs will allow the lab to create a piece of furniture that serves to boost the lab environment without hindering its daily tasks.

The Floor Space of the Lab

Before the design process can begin, it is crucial that the floor space of the lab is taken into account. When analyzing the space, you can determine the size and positioning of the lab benches or tables.

Based on the size of your laboratory, the furniture and its accessories will need to adapt. Smaller labs often require furniture that meets multiple needs. Larger labs usually require exceptionally sturdy and larger pieces of furniture for a wide range of tasks.

Identifying the amount of floor space that is present within the lab will assist you in designing a custom bench or table that will comfortably fit into its designated zone.

Transportation and Mobility

Transportation and mobility within a lab are innovative means of lowering the chances of laboratory accidents and boosting workflow efficiency. Including mobility options in a lab bench or table allows for sensitive equipment and harsh chemicals to be transported around the lab without difficulty.

Accidents happen all the time, and due to the nature of these sensitive pieces of equipment or harsh chemicals, it can often cost the lab a fortune to replace or repair.

When mobility options are included in the lab bench or table, it includes vibration and noise suppression. This means that there is a significantly lowered chance of accidents during the moving process. Furthermore, it allows for fewer distractions to those around the moving vicinity and ensures the safety of everyone in the lab.

Reliable Storage Solutions

Storage space plays a massive role within any laboratory environment. Delicate equipment and harmful substances need to be safely stored away to avoid damage and risk of accidents that can often cause a huge financial blow to any laboratory.

Making the decision to include storage options within the table or bench is an effective means of keeping other valuable assets safe whilst also providing the lab with an effective sorting and organizational solution.

Having a custom piece of lab equipment that is versatile and meets many different needs will allow the lab to operate at peak performance without the need for an excessively cluttered working environment.


Ergonomics has quickly become an important feature within many different pieces of equipment and furniture. This concept revolves around the health, safety, performance, and productivity of all those present within the workplace. Having an ergonomic design implemented into the custom lab bench or table will ensure that those working within the lab are comfortable and able to work at their absolute best. Ergonomics has a proven positive effect on mental and physical health whilst also showcasing promising signs of boosted productivity and overall efficiency.

Durability and Resistance

One of the most important steps in designing a custom lab bench and the table is ensuring that it is made from materials that are durable and showcase features such as hazardous chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

Many laboratory benches and tables often suffer from these detrimental effects and as a result, cost labs across the globe a hefty amount of money for repairs and replacements.

When designing your custom lab furniture, take the daily substances that your lab uses into account. If they are corrosive or harsh in nature, they may impact the health of your workspace and leave it unusable.

A damaged table or bench can greatly impact productivity and workflow whilst also requiring the lab to consistently use monetary resources on avoidable damages.

Design Custom Lab Furniture that Meets Your Needs With LabTech Supply Company, Inc.

Designing custom lab benches and tables for your lab can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many decisions to make, it can become overwhelming to make the right laboratory design choices that are best for your specific environment.

LabTech Supply Company, Inc. specializes in assisting all types of labs in designing and implementing their very own custom laboratory furniture. From the design process to the finished product, we use innovative industry technology and processes to ensure that you receive the furniture that meets your needs.

We have assisted countless labs in the past with their custom furniture designs and aim to ensure that every finished product boosts the productivity and efficiency of the labs that they are installed into.

Get in touch with Lab Tech and start designing the custom lab equipment that your laboratory needs.

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