Lab Chairs with Back Support – Ergonomics Explained

There is nothing more important than your health, efficiency, and safety when you work in a lab. Ergonomic laboratory chairs are specially designed to assist you in all these departments while ensuring that you can focus on doing what you’re best at.

In order to understand how ergonomics helps you and your lab, it is essential to understand what these science lab chairs are, what function it serves, and why it has been created.

Understanding Ergonomics

When in the working environment for a prolonged period, sitting hunched over a table can lead to various short-term and long-term health issues. These health issues include muscle aches and decreased productivity due to nerve pain that may occur.

With longer and longer durations going through these conditions, your body may become gradually more exhausted and struggle to completely recoverā€”this is where ergonomically smart furniture begins.

Ergonomic furniture is specially designed furniture that focuses on providing the body with the support that it needs when in these environments. Since chairs without sufficient back support are common, these are the usual culprits of lower back healthā€”ergonomics fixes this.

With a focus on the human body and attempting to rectify pain that can be commonly present, ergonomic furniture is specially designed to meet the needs of the body.Ā 

Utilizing the furniture is the first step toward protecting your body’s overall health and ensuring that you do not have to endure long-term bodily, muscle, and nerve damage. Any furniture that has been designed with ergonomics in mind, attempts to fill the need that is created by non-supportive furniture and equipment.

What is the Science of Ergonomics?

The science of ergonomics is interesting. There are various ways in which it helps the body. It not only provides a good means to improve your body health but also your mental health and overall productivity.

Body Health

Ergonomics provides a great improvement to body health by means of lowering the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders, such as extreme damage to the joints in the neck and back.

It does this by keeping your body in a comfortable upright position that allows for effective blood flow through the body. This upright position is imperative in lowering the overall stress that is placed on your neck and spine.

This is often achieved by providing efficient support to the body with a back and headrest. These two devices lower the stress and strain that is placed on your spine and back while also keeping you in a comfortable upright position.

The headrest assists in supporting your back and neck whilst the backrest assists in maintaining a natural curve to your spine. A simple addition of these two ergonomic designs can severely decrease the overall possibility of developing something as serious as cervical spondylosis.

Mental Health

Discomfort and pain breed stress and sorrow. In a high-stress environment such as a lab, it can be easy to forget how important your body truly is during these hardworking processes. Ergonomics improves your mental health by lowering the overall stress that you may be facing.

When your body is damaged from posture-related issues, it becomes easier to fall sick and even fall behind on work. This lack of good personal health can really affect all facets of your life. With increased pain levels, so too will your average sleep levels per night drop.

Sleep deprivation is a large contributor to poor mental health and assisting your body in receiving the care that it needs is essential.


Furniture that is designed around the concepts of ergonomics has many benefits. One such important benefit is an increase in productivity. The way it does this is through adequate posture support in high-intensity workspaces.

This posture support eliminates awkward positions that can get in the way of work and decreases the overall uncomfortableness that one may face during these situations.

The increase of proper oxygen and blood flow throughout the body helps to keep the mind alert and functioning which assists you in tackling demanding and sometimes repetitive tasks.

Ergonomic Features of Lab Chairs with Back Support

Lab chairs with back support are designed with the body in mind. Utilizing the best practices that ergonomics provides, ergonomic lab chairs are specially designed with your posture in mind. One of the contributing factors to increased stress and bodily injury is bad posture. An ergonomic lab chair provides three fundamentally important posture changes and support features that assist you.

The first is a functioning headrest. Headrests are used to support the neck, back, and shoulders. This is a fantastic means of lowering the stress that is placed on your body, especially around the neck area.

The second is good and adequate back support. Back support is used to maintain the natural curve of your spine and a generally upright and neutral position that is healthy and comfortable for the body. Without this natural curve, your body has a drastically lowered risk of developing spinal issues and nerve damage that could have terrible long terms effects.

The third and final way that a lab chair assists you is in convenience and comfort. Being comfortable in a high-risk and high-stress environment such as a lab is important. Adequate support from a quality lab chair lowers your stress levels and greatly boosts your productivity.

Prioritize Ergonomics in Your Lab Today

The importance and health benefits that come with employing basic furniture that utilizes ergonomicsā€”is a fantastic way to boost productivity and workflow optimization in a lab.

Prioritizing your own health and the health of your coworkers is essential for any workspace and is especially essential in a high-stress environment such as a lab.

LabTech Supply Company has closely studied the overall benefits of ergonomics and has specially designed lab equipment that meets these standards. Replacing an old lab bench that reduces health risks and boosts productivity is a great way to improve your overall lab processes.

To get the correct lab equipment and furniture for your needs, email us at or contact us at 800-476-5228 at LabTech Supply Company today!

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