We Design, Build and Install Custom Lab Tables for Any Laboratory.

Designing a lab is no easy task, especially when you’re using an already existing laboratory space and trying to modify it to cater to your needs. Creating custom furniture, especially science lab tables, is the best way to maximize your space and create a flow that helps researchers more easily complete their important work. 

Custom Furniture Solutions for Your Laboratory

Laboratory environments require chemical resistant, specialized science lab tables and furniture. In many cases, these science tables and furniture will need to be customized, chemical resistant, and built specifically to accommodate different industries and their work environments. For example, those responsible for handling chemicals will need chemical resistant countertops that keep the furniture and the lab technicians safe.

Whether your business is in the biotech, medical, cannabis, or other scientific industry, you’ll need science lab tables that suit your specific needs. These science workbenches are critical when dealing with a variety of different chemicals and other substances that could cause corrosion. You’ll also need construction solutions for mobile storage and bin storage height.

A durable science table can hold over 1000 pounds, and the most well-made lab benches consist of a finish or tabletop that provides resistance to harmful chemicals, impact, and more.

Custom laboratory tables:

  • Promote efficiency
  • Improve accuracy
  • Heighten safety

Your science lab tables should not only fit the laboratory space they’re in but provide an added layer of functionality.

Prevent Instrumentation Breakages with Vibration Dampening of the Science Lab Tables

Using a heavy-duty vibration leveling foot, our science tables can prevent valuable and sensitive instrumentation from breaking. 

Improve Work Environment with Sound Isolation of the Lab Tables

Certain types of Instrumentation, like rough pumps, are known to be noisy. Using foam, we create a metal box with vents for your noisy instruments that help reduce the decibels and provide a more serene working environment. 

Save Space with LCD Arms

LCD arms hold monitors above the work surface or on a rail to save desktop real estate on the science lab tables

Get Moving with Mobility of Your Science Lab Tables and Workstation

We can make any chemistry lab tables mobile. Choose a total lock caster along with a leveling caster so that you can make any science workbench stationary or mobile depending on the needs of your workspace. 

Epoxy Resin Laboratory tables for science lab

Build Custom Science Tables & Workstations Per Your Request

LabTech can build science tables to fit your lab’s needs, including custom sizes and shapes. Many of our customers know that standard sizes don’t mean one size fits all when it comes to a lab tables. Creating non-standard sized science tables is one of our specialties. 

Made from High-Quality Materials

The way you design your lab workstation will ultimately affect its functionality and efficiency; that’s why laboratory space is so important. We can help you create the perfect science tables with added customizations that best fit your laboratory needs.

Our stainless steel tables are made with all-steel frames. We also use powder-coated paint for science lab tables that is ideal and safe for any laboratory environment. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

We also offer a variety of work surfaces for science tables, including:

  • high-pressure laminate
  • chemical-resistant phenolic resin
  • epoxy resin
  • stainless steel
  • butcher block
  • high-density polyethylene

Not sure which chemistry lab workbench is best for your laboratory? Ask our team of experts by calling us today. 

Why LabTech?

All labs are different and will require different laboratory furniture, chemistry tables, and lab casework. We specialize in creating custom science tables based on your requirements and needs, whether you need an epoxy resin or a phenolic resin table.

Labtechsupply - Lab tables

Locally Made

All of our laboratory furniture products including our science tables are made in the USA. 

Customer Service and Quick Lead Time and Installation

We believe in providing each and every customer with quality service. We’re also able to provide fast lead times so that you can count on us when you need steel tables and other laboratory furniture by a certain deadline. 

Not only that, we send an expert installation team to your laboratory or location to make sure that your science tables are set up correctly and ready to use as soon as you receive.

Custom Solutions from Conception to Installation

We design, build, and install working tables for any application, putting the customer and their needs above all else. Whether you need to design a brand new lab or upgrade your existing workspaces, we’re here for you from conception to installation.

Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions and provide a consultative approach to outfitting your space. Whether you’re looking to outfit an entirely empty space or make upgrades to your existing workspace, we’re here to help from the initial concept until project completion.

Get started by requesting a quote today.


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