5 Features All Portable Science Lab Tables Should Have

The laboratory working environment is one that changes in a wide variety of ways. From high-risk corrosive materials to simple paperwork, the workspace requires many different tools and furniture types to suit each need. With the limited space that is often available in a lab, it’s not easy to house numerous different furniture types.

The solution to this problem has been to install custom-made laboratory tables and chairs that serve various different purposes. Many labs have begun incorporating portable science lab tables that can swiftly and seamlessly move around the lab space with little to no difficulty. Let’s have a closer look at why these tables are so important to the lab space, as well as the five features that all portable science lab tables should have.

Why a Good Portable Science Lab Table is Important

Labs often have limited space to work in. When there are multiple people, and a large amount of furniture present, the workflow can be severely affected. In a high-risk working environment such as a lab, it is easy for accidents to happen. Portable science lab tables have become an innovative solution to this problem. Furniture needs to be easily moved around to open the lab floor and allow for movement.

In some cases, large quantities of harmful chemicals may need to be kept close by during an experiment. Instead of needing to walk across the lab with these sensitive materials, the portable table allows the substances to be easily accessible and less prone to accidents.

Benefits of a Portable Science Lab Table

There are many benefits that come with a high-quality and well-designed portable science lab table. Some of these benefits include:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Frees up space in the Lab
  • Often strong and sturdy
  • Offers a safe means to transport sensitive equipment and materials
  • Boosts workflow and optimizes efficiency
  • Lowers the risk of unwanted accidents

These are essential factors to consider when working in a lab because it has the ability to save time, money, resources, and even health. With fewer accidents occurring and more room to work, the lab becomes a safer and more positive place where work and research can thrive.

5 Features that All Portable Science Lab Tables Should Have

Having a portable science lab table is always a great addition to any laboratory workspace. When deciding on a new table, there are a few features that can completely revolutionize the ways in which the furniture is used. Here are five features that all portable science lab tables should have.

1. Sound Suppression

Being able to concentrate within the lab is crucial. There is nothing worse than an obnoxiously loud piece of furniture that creaks and moans with every minute that passes. A good portable lab table should include sound suppression features that lower the total noise that is produced by the table.

When moving the table around the lab, it should make as little noise as possible and the process should be quick and easy. Having a table that does not make noises is a great way to boost concentration and productivity because it does not break the silence required for in-depth analyses and delicate tasks.

2. Vibration Dampening

Vibration dampening is another key feature that often goes hand-in-hand with sound suppression. Having a portable table is great, but in a lab, if the table does not have vibration dampening, it has the possibility to cause terrible accidents. These tables are often used for experiments, to house dangerous substances in chemical containers, and for delicate equipment.

Without vibration dampening, these tools and materials run a high risk of getting damaged or breaking. Vibration dampening ensures the safety of the equipment and substances whilst lowering the risk that could occur during the moving process.

3. Adjustable Legs

Ergonomic features such as adjustable legs are a great means to boost productivity and make the workplace more comfortable. Working closely with delicate equipment and substances often means that you will be spending a large amount of time behind the desk. It is essential that a desk is able to match the needs of its user.

Adjustable legs allow for the table to be placed at the correct height needed so that work becomes easier and the user does not have to strain their body. When working with delicate processes, mistakes are easier to make when the user is uncomfortable. This ensures that the table is always positioned in a manner that does not inhibit the tasks that are being conducted.

4. Chemical Resistant Surfaces

Corrosive chemicals are the number one killer of laboratory surfaces. Without a chemical-resistant surface and protective equipment, the lab runs the risk of spending far too much on new furniture. Having a portable lab table with a strong surface that is chemical resistant means that the lab can spend fewer resources on new furniture.

This saves a lab on money and time because when these surfaces become damaged and unstable for use, it can inhibit processes and make delicate tasks more difficult. Every portable lab table should incorporate a chemical-resistant surface to ensure that its longevity is secured and that the user can utilize the workstation without being inhibited by scuff marks and chemical damage.

5. Pullout Trays

Pullout trays have been a lab favorite for a good amount of time. This allows the table to take up less floor space within the lab whilst also meeting the needed workspace for the user. A pullout tray is a great addition to any table because it assists the furniture in serving more than just one purpose. As mentioned before, in a lab, a piece of furniture often needs to meet many different needs to be effective. 

Creating A Better Laboratory Space with LabTech

The flow of a lab is the first crucial step in having a positive and productive space. With the right furniture that meets the lab’s needs, the output and quality of work can drastically increase. LabTech Supply is an industry leader that has assisted countless labs with their custom furniture needs. 

LabTech’s goal has been to create high-quality pieces of furniture that are versatile and effective. Getting furniture that boosts a lab’s working environment is not as difficult as it seems. Contact LabTech’s talented team and start the process of designing your lab’s very own custom furniture that is sure to comfortably meet its many needs.

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