Is it Time to Switch to Modular Laboratory Furniture?

Modular lab furniture is a great solution to old and common issues in the laboratory environment of optimizing workflow and versatility.

Versatility is a fantastic means to boost the working environment of a laboratory and provide more overall uses to commonly used pieces of equipment and furniture.

There are many labs that utilize this furniture technology and in order to successfully implement it, it is important to understand what it is and how it can be used to effectively optimize any lab.

What is Modular Laboratory Furniture?

Modular furniture is a highly versatile take on classic furniture. Modular furniture can be swiftly dismantled into various parts that all serve different functions. This allows for quick movement throughout the lab and reshifting of the workspace when necessary.

There are many benefits to this which we will discuss but the overall concept of modular laboratory furniture is to optimize workflow and efficiency through the simple yet highly effective use of furniture.

The Need for Adaptability in Laboratory Settings

Ā A laboratory is notoriously known for being a space that requires adaptability, versatility, and innovation. With this, the need for tools, equipment, and furniture that can consistently change based on the required need is essential.

Having a piece of equipment or furniture that only serves one need can cause the lab to become cluttered and overall less efficient. When furniture is able to assist with a solution to multiple needs, the room for productivity and innovation is greatly improved.

Advantages of Modular Lab Furniture

Now that we have discussed what modular lab furniture is and how it can effectively adapt to any lab space, let’s have a look at some of the key advantages that it provides.

There is a list of known benefits which all serve to boost productivity and make the working environment sufficiently easier.

Design Flexibility

Flexibility is important. When shifting between tasks, it can be difficult to rearrange furniture at will. Modular lab furniture allows for a quick and seamless transition into many states. This allows the workflow and environment of the lab to adapt and change as the work process continues.

With this, productivity can greatly increase. If the need for one or more processes becomes prevalent, modular furniture allows for flexibility and adaptability to any scenario that may occur. This is especially crucial within the lab environment that is ever-changing and constantly requires different and new innovative ways of making processes easier.

Cost and Time Savings

Money and time are two fundamentally important pillars of any effective process. Since modular furniture serves many different functions, it allows for less furniture to be purchased which proves cost-effective.

When purchasing furniture that cannot adapt, you would often need variations of the same thing to achieve a multi-purpose lab that meets its many needs. This can take up large amounts of space and consume time when needing to shift the furniture around the lab to meet demand.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The goal of modular furniture is to make life easier. Laboratory modular furniture is specially designed to be easier to install and maintain, and the reason for this lies in its interesting design. Since it has a constantly shifting form, maintenance is exceptionally easy.

No longer do rigid parts affect the quality of its service like that of traditional furniture. Easy installation means that the overall task of adapting the furniture becomes a simple process.

Durability and Quality

A misconception is that modular furniture is not as durable as its more rigid counterparts, but this is not true. Since modular lab furniture is specially designed to meet various needs in an ever-changing and adapting environmentā€”every inch of the design is quality driven and focused. This presents an overall more durable piece of furniture that lacks weak points.

Ergonomic Design Features

Ergonomics has become increasingly popular within every workspace. Being able to handle processes and tasks while maintaining good overall health is essential. Ergonomic designs are focused on both the efficiency of handling a task and the health of its user.

Good ergonomic design features allow for the furniture to adapt to different users whilst also maintaining its original function without any differences in performance.

Load Bearing Capacity

A good load-bearing capacity is crucial within a lab. Furniture that struggles to bear any load can cause workplace accidents and damages that can be quite expensive.

Having an adaptable piece of equipment should also mean that it is effective at bearing different loads without struggling or failing.

Space Efficiency Solutions

The key idea with modular furniture is to optimize the workspace and open the floor plan. This is a great solution when it comes to the concept of limited space efficiency within the lab. Space is paramount to success and moving around a lab that is cluttered and busy can be difficult.

Accidents can occur and overall lab productivity can lower. With adaptable modular furniture, the laboratory space opens up and more tasks can be conducted without bottlenecking the process occurring.

Variety of Options for Customization

Ā Based on the needs of your lab, a custom-made piece of modular lab equipment can consist of many different customizable options. This includes extra storage space, better shelves, and anything that your workplace needs to better the workflow.

Creating these small additions can have fantastic effects on productivity whilst also promoting a clutter-free and spacious laboratory.

Choose the Right Modular Furniture Supplier

If you would like to install, or are thinking of adding modular furniture to your laboratory, our team at LabTech Supply Company provides the best in modular laboratory furniture solutions.

With years of experience in the industry and through utilizing well-researched solutions to modern problems in lab spaces, we have always ensured that our clients receive the very best in modular lab furniture that boosts productivity.

Improving your overall workflow and productivity does not have to be as difficult as it seems. With the simple inclusion of ergonomic lab furniture that is adaptable and versatile, your entire workflow can benefit immensely in the long run.

To learn more about our ergonomic lab furniture, contact us at 800-476-5228 at LabTech Supply Company today!

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