Cannabis Laboratory: Industry Facts and Recommended Lab Furniture 

The cannabis industry is booming right now, and many people are jumping at the opportunity to develop quality testing laboratories to meet the ever-growing demand. In this article, we’ll discuss the cannabis testing industry and the lab furniture you’ll need to take advantage of the expanding market.

Cannabis Laboratory Testing Industry Facts

If you’re wondering just how successful the cannabis testing industry can be, check out these facts:

Revenues Are Expected to Continue to Grow

According to GreenWave Advisors, an independent investment research and advisory firm, cannabis testing lab revenues are expected to reach up to $850 million this year. That’s not all, either. According to Global Market Insights, the cannabis testing industry will reach $2 billion by the year 2025. 

Negativities to Follow

While the cannabis testing industry is almost guaranteed to soar over the next few years, strict regulatory policies and a lack of lab professionals will have a negative impact on the industry, according to the same report from Global Market Insights. That, paired with the cost of analytical instruments, may stunt the growth of the industry. 

Chromatology Technology Will Grow

The Global Market Insights report also demonstrated that chromatography technology would account for $1.5 billion of industry growth. This includes both gas and liquid chromatography for testing the potency of cannabis. 

Potency Testing will Expand

The Global Market Insights report stated that “potency testing will expand at 13.9% CAGR from 2019 to 2025”. This type of testing is used to measure the concentration of cannabinoids. This screening process is typically done by quality control labs and chemists and is necessary for the precise labeling of cannabis products.

Recommended Features for Cannabis Lab Furniture

Cannabis laboratories aren’t unlike any other labs. They all require high-quality lab furniture that can support and keep the instrumentation safe. Check out these features you should look for when searching for furniture for your cannabis lab.  Check for lab furniture suppliers.

Phenolic Resin

Phenolic resins are a compound of phenol and formaldehyde, which creates permanently bonded molecules. This resin is gaining popularity in the lab because it has a high resistance to heat and chemicals, so its ideal for volatile environments. They are also non-conductive and flame resistant, so if your lab needs to comply with fire safety and toxicity standards (which your cannabis lab will), it’s important to have a tabletop that can provide you with these features.

Some are also choosing to use phenolic resin for their lab cabinets because of these beneficial properties. You can’t go wrong with giving everything in your lab that extra level of thermal insulation and durability.

This resin works wonderfully for lab tabletops and cabinets that need to hold up to impact. They’re also scratch-resistant and unaffected by corrosion and most chemicals. They also appeal to the aesthetic design of the lab because they are a solid, lightweight piece of countertop that can be shaped into any size. 

Vibration Dampening 

Instrumentation is one of the highest expenses for cannabis labs. Not only that, but it’s very fragile and needs to be well taken care of. Your lab tables should be able to withstand vibrations from loud and shaky lab equipment that can cause damage to the sensitive instrumentation.

Even the smallest vibration can crack something made of thin glass. Your lab furniture should be equipped with vibration dampening in order to keep these valuable resources safe. There are tables available with anti-vibration casters and leveling feet, both of which will prevent you from spending your budget on unnecessarily replacing damaged equipment.

Chemical Resistance 

In a cannabis lab setting, you’ll come across tons of chemicals that are dangerous and can destroy valuable lab equipment, furniture, and instrumentation. Chemical resistant surfaces like phenolic resin and epoxy can be ideal solutions for labs of any kind. They can both deter chemicals from damaging and destroying lab benches while preventing workers from getting in harm’s way. 

Adjustable Legs and Mobility 

Being able to work at different heights is something every scientist and researcher will appreciate. When testing cannabis, your workers will need to be able to see as much of their work as possible. Instead of standing on a chair or putting their work on the floor, you may want to consider adjustable legs. This will reduce the danger of your workers getting hurt on the job, and keep important research from getting knocked over or damaged.

Adjustable legs on lab casework will allow workers to easily adjust the height of the bench so that they don’t have to waste time traveling with all of their items to a new table of a different height.

Similarly, workers will need to be able to take their work with them to a new station from time to time. Maybe they need a piece of equipment that cannot be moved. Instead of carrying all of their work with them across the room, they can simply push the lab bench. 

In order to do this, you’ll need to introduce mobility to the lab. Your traditional lab table attached to the floor simply won’t cut it. Not to mention, immobile lab furniture makes it difficult to rearrange the lab design should the need arise in the future.

These tables also come with a locking castor and a leveling castor to allow workers to make the unit mobile or immobile whenever they need it.

Custom Lab Furniture

When you design a lab, you have two options: fill an existing space with furniture or build a new complex. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the budget to build their own testing facility, so they’ll be working with an existing space. Unfortunately, traditional, standard-sized furniture can be difficult to use, especially if space is a problem. 

Instead of creating a lab that your workers have trouble using, making work more difficult and efficiency low, you can design your own lab tables to fit your lab. Standard sizes need not apply!

Design your ideal cannabis lab with custom furniture today! Check our lab tables for sale.

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