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All cabinets are made in USA 100%

All lab cabinets are made of heavy 18 gauge cold rolled steel.

All base cabinets come with a 4″ toe kick, cabinets are 22″ deep so that utilities such as water, drains, gas, power can run behind the cabinets. Standard hgt is 36″, desk hgt applications 30″, ADA hgt range is from 32″ – 34″

  • Full frame construction
  • SS 5 knuckle hinges
  • Cabinets are made of rigid 18g a steel
  • Removable rear panel
  • Drawers suspension is a smooth roller bearing construction,
  • 100 lb load at full extension `
  • Heavy duty load capacity slides are available, 150 lb or 200 lb
  • Sink base cabinets are available in, 30″, 36″, 42, & 48”
  • All sink cabinets come with a 15″ high removable back panel ` 7″ front facia panel
  • Door and drawers are double walled for a solid quiet close and a rubber bumper is mounted on every door

Laboratory furniture can be customized by using our extensive line of accessories and options, resulting in a cost-effective and productive plant layout.


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Our  Laboratory Casework

We have an extensive line of SEFA 8 cabinets in a variety of sizes, as well as with accessories and options that come together to provide cost-effective solutions for your laboratory or industrial workspace. Our lab cabinets are made of heavy 18 gauge cold rolled steel, built to provide the organization options your team needs and last for years to come.

Custom industrial cabinetry

LabTech laboratory cabinets are built for laboratory and other industrial use. That’s why we combine quality materials and design to deliver cabinetry that stands up to the demands of any industry, from automotive to food and beverage. We approach each workspace differently, providing consultation, furniture design and installation to suit your specific application. In addition, we offer a variety of options and accessories, including ADA-compliant options.

Lab Cabinet specifications

All of our lab cabinets are made of rigid 18 gauge steel. The standard cabinet height is 36″ and can provide desk heights of 30”. Our ADA-compliant cabinets range from 32 to 34”.

  • Choose from wall, floor and base cabinets
  • All base cabinets come with a 4″ toe kick
  • Base cabinets are 22″ deep with removable rear panels, so your utilities, such as water pipes, drains, gas and power lines, can run behind your cabinets.
  • Full frame construction
  • Flammable storage and acid storage cabinets available

SEFA 8 Certified Casework

We’ve outfit workspaces in the automotive, healthcare, biotech, food & bev, aerospace, retail, and other industries. Get industrial grade in the color and sizing that best suits your workspace.

LabTech is an end-to-end provider. We’ll work with you from the initial concept to project completion, with a full focus on great service and satisfaction. Request a quote from our team today and let us know what kind of workspace you need to outfit or re-design. We’ll take it from there.

Laboratory sink cabinets and sinks

We offer a wide range of epoxy molded drop-in sinks, including ADAL, along with under mount sinks and cup sinks.

Select from sink base cabinets with a 30″, 36″, 42” or 48” height. All sink cabinets come with a 15″ high removable back panel and a 7″ front panel. We also have ADA-compliant sinks and taps to choose from.

Quality materials, durable drawers and doors

Keep tools, materials and equipment protected in your lab cabinets thanks to our durable, sturdy doors and drawers.

Our drawer suspensions have a smooth roller bearing construction and can bear up to 100 lbs when fully open. We also offer heavy-duty load capacity slides for loads of up to 150 or 200 lbs.

LabTech lab cabinet doors and drawers are double walled for a solid, quiet close every time, plus we outfit every door with rubber bumper to minimize noise during use. Our doors are complete with SS 5 knuckle hinges.

We deliver furniture made with high-quality materials, to minimize wear and tear over time. We can also ensure that your lab furniture meets the accessibility and safety demands your organization requires.

Cabinets for any budget, timeline or workspace

Difficult workspace? Tight budget? We’re ready to take it on your challenge. We have a complete range of furniture that lets us provide the compliance, flexibility and mobility you need. Let us know what you’re working with and our team will provide a consultative approach and deliver the best-fit furniture for your space.

Flexible labs and ADA-compliant furniture

Get a safe, accessible and flexible workspace while meeting ADA standards. LabTech offers ADA compliant lab cabinetry, as well as other furniture like workbenches, tables, and more.

Working with LabTech: What To Expect

Request a quote and tell us a little bit about your needs. We’ll follow up with a call so we can better understand how you plan to use your lab cabinets or other laboratory furniture. We take your needs into account and recommend solutions that will best suit your space and professional needs, along with full visual space planning. Once you’ve chosen your custom design and the furniture is complete, we’ll also take care of installation.

Made in the U.S.A. Laboratory Casework

All of our furniture is 100% designed and manufactured in the U.S. We work with organizations from coast to coast to provide laboratory and industrial furniture for a wide range of applications.

We take pride in being a quality and service-focused organization. We take a unique approach to each project, so we provide the right furniture and layout for every single application.

Fast lead time and professional installation of laboratory casework

We have some of the best lead times in the furniture business. When you’d like to outfit your space fast, turn to us for custom cabinets and other furniture solutions. We guarantee quick service, great turnaround time, and skillful installation.

Once your cabinetry is ready to deliver, we’ll send a team of professional installers to install it.

Laboratory cabinets: From concept to completion

We provide a consultative approach and great service along every step of the process, from the first call and initial planning, all the way to installation. We focus on quality, service, and satisfaction because we believe outfitting your workspace should be a simple, pleasant experience.

When it comes to materials and furniture, we’re 100% focused on quality. Stable, durable furniture should be a given, so your team can focus on the work at hand.

Select from the range of our standard size cabinets or ask about fully-customized lab cabinets, in the size and color of your choice. We have a huge selection to choose from, so we’re able to deliver the right furniture to create a lean, ergonomic, and flexible space.

Complete Laboratory Furniture Solutions

 Are you planning to renovate your workspace or outfit it from scratch?

Request a quote for our cabinets and other laboratory furniture. Our team will reach out to learn more about your needs and goals and deliver the best solutions, accordingly. No matter your budget or timeline, we’re here to ensure you get the most out of your workspace.

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