Custom Design Options for Lab Tables 

When it comes to designing your lab, it’s essential to consider whether it’s more important to design a lab based on the size of the equipment or purchase the lab equipment, such as lab tables, based on the size of the facility that you already have.

If you’re like many, you don’t want to build a whole new lab facility because of the size of a few tables. Instead, it’s easier and much more cost-effective to find equipment and furniture based on the space that you do have.

The right lab tables and furniture can maximize space in your lab to provide better workflows, more comfort, and increase productivity. Luckily, there are custom design solutions for lab tables that can help you achieve efficiency as well.

When purchasing lab tables and other lab equipment, you may want to consider these aspects:

Custom Drawers or Cabinets

Storage solutions are ideal for labs that don’t have tons of space to store items that are used every day. A quality laboratory supplies company will be able to create custom drawers or cabinets that make storing lab items easy. You may not always need certain pieces of equipment, but you will need them close by when you do for increased workspace efficiency. Make sure that the science tables you use are equipped with storage solutions for you to store everyday items and those that you will soon need.

These custom storage solutions will also improve workflow. With fewer items out and on the tables, there’s less of a risk of people bumping into experiments or ruining valuable work. Know more about our laboratory desks.

Vibration Dampening

Some lab instrumentation vibrates, which can have detrimental effects on other equipment. Microscopes and other sensitive instruments can break from vibration, so it’s important to consider anti-vibration casters and leveling feet as an addition to your lab benches. This technology helps to protect valuable lab equipment from breakage.

Sound Isolation

Sometimes, lab instrumentation can be loud. When you introduce workers to a loud environment, they may find it distracting and hard to work. By using sound isolation custom features on your lab tables, you can promote a better work environment. Sound isolation is achieved using a metal box and vents that line the interior with foam. Certain instrumentation, such as rough pumps can be put in the box while the foam helps to reduce the decibels.

LDC Arms

One of the items in a lab that takes up a lot of space on a table is a monitor. LDC arms are great for lab tables which will need to hold electronics like computers. These arms hold monitors either on the work surface or the rail so that workers can maximize their space.

Adjustable Legs

Sometimes, workers will need to work at different heights, whether it’s because of their own height or because of the materials that they are working with. Adjustable legs on your lab benches mean that you can easily adjust the height of the bench.

Mobility Options

Lab tables need to be able to function within the lab as a whole. Mobility means allowing your laboratory casework and tables to move when you need them to and stay stationary when you don’t. With a locking caster along with a leveling caster, workers can have the option to make the unit mobile or level it to make it stationary.

Cable Management/Hose Cutouts

Labs that work with electronics and tools that need to be plugged in need to have solutions that allow them to work without the cables getting in the way. With hose cutouts, the cables will feed through a section of the table and stay out of the way of important tests and paperwork.

Keyboard Pullout Trays

When working with a computer, it can be difficult for workers to have their paperwork, experiments, and other lab equipment nearby. Computers take up a large space on workbenches and tables, so it’s important to try to maximize the space. With a keyboard pullout tray, keyboards are tucked away and only used when you need them, helping to save space and make less clutter.

Chemical Resistant Surfaces

In a lab, workers may be working with chemicals that can be dangerous to them and harmful to lab equipment and furniture. All lab tables should have chemical resistant surfaces to deter these chemicals from damaging the tables and preventing possible harm to lab workers.

Why Custom Lab Tables?

Custom design lab tables are created specifically for your lab. When you buy lab furniture that can be used anywhere, and for any lab, you may run into the problems of not having enough space in your lab to walk around, not having tables that function as you need them to, and not having the convenience and storage solutions that your lab needs to maintain efficiency. Lab tables designed for your lab means choosing the right shape, size, and features you will use every single day.

Create Custom Design Lab Tables

We’re able to build custom design tables based on your requirements. No matter the function or purpose of your lab, we can work with you to create lab tables that improve workflows, maximize space, and keep your lab efficient and productive. If you’re looking for non-standard sized stables, we’re here to help you. No matter how unique you might need your lab tables, we’ll help you determine what solutions are best for your lab.

LabTech understands what labs need in terms of custom lab table design and installation. From storage solutions to convenience, no space needs to be wasted in the fast-paced lab environment. No matter the function of your lab, you need it to work best for you and no one else.

Not only do we design and build custom lab furniture, we install it so that you can rest assured knowing that your lab is in the right hands. 

Want to discover how you can improve the function of your lab with the right furniture? Call us today.

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