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Furniture is the most important part of any space. Without furniture, one would not be able to relax in a lounge, sleep in a room, or work effortlessly at a laboratory. Furniture is the fundamental building block of each space that ties it together. Much like every bedroom needs a good bed, every lab needs a strong, durable, and reliable quality laboratory table.

Since most labs have their own processes and tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis, these spaces often require a well-designed custom-made piece of lab furniture that fulfills multiple purposes. Space is necessary, especially in a lab, and there is no better solution to this dilemma than obtaining a piece of furniture that serves to fulfill this need rather than impede it. 

Let’s have a closer look at why lab tables are so important and what benefits come with a high-quality and custom-made table.

Science Lab Tables: Why Are They Important?

Lab tables are important because they often serve more than one purpose. From storing and shelving to working and experimenting, these tables do it all. In labs such as chemistry labs, furniture can often become damaged and unusable due to the nature of corrosive and hazardous materials.

Having a high-quality lab table that is able to withstand these factors is the first great step toward a durable and longer-lasting piece of furniture that will aid the workspace’s endeavors. 

Lab tables come in a wide range of shapes and forms and are often custom-made for space due to every lab’s different nature. These natures change and morph based on what is needed to complete their daily tasks. In some cases, shelving and containing equipment and materials is important. In other cases, there is a need for a stable and reliable surface to conduct research on. 

Every lab is different, and when deciding on a piece of furniture, it is always an innovative idea to select or design a piece of furniture that meets these needs.

5 Features of a High-Quality Lab Table

There are many benefits to high-quality lab equipment. These benefits ensure that the lab is functioning at its absolute best and that the researchers are able to work to their full potential. Let’s analyze some of these benefits and how they may positively impact your lab.

1. Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic designs have become a staple within furniture of all kinds. This furniture type is specifically designed with the user in mind. If users often find themselves sitting at a desk for hours on end, there are many detrimental health consequences that could stem from this such as nerve damage and lower back pain.

Lab tables are designed with the user in mind. These tables are there to assist the researcher and user with whatever task is needed. Comfort is essential within a workplace.

2. Adjustable Height

Adjustable height is another lovely feature that most lab tables come with. This is for numerous reasons, the main one being an ergonomic design feature. Having an adjustable table means that the furniture is adaptable and versatile to the many users that may use the space throughout the day. 

3. Mobile

If your lab has a low amount of floor space, a moveable lab table can come in handy. These tables serve a few different needs in a lab. Oftentimes, a table or workspace is reserved for one specific purpose, and once that purpose is fulfilled, it is left until it is needed again. If the space is not moveable, it means that it is taking up unnecessary floor space which makes the lab difficult to navigate and harder to work. A moveable table allows the researcher to move unnecessary furniture out of the way and free up valuable floor space to undertake other tasks.

The second reason a moveable table is important is for the secure transportation of hazardous materials and chemicals. These tables come with built-in storage systems and shelves that can house a numerous amount of equipment, tools, and substances. Having to carry these tools back and forth between various points of the lab can be time-consuming and dangerous.

Having a moveable table allows these necessities to be swiftly transported around the lab without the need for multiple trips.

4. Vibration Dampening

Vibration dampening goes hand-in-hand with moveability. Vibration dampening is used to secure anything that has been stored on the table. This lowers the risk of unnecessary spillage and possible damage that could occur alongside these factors.

Lowering the risk of damage, injury, and unnecessary expenditure is a positive step in the right direction for any lab space, as it boosts productivity and optimizes workflow.

5. Optimizes Workflow

The most important benefit of a good piece of furniture is its ability to optimize the workflow within any given space. Furniture should be there to assist the user, not inhibit them, and a well-designed lab table is there to make tasks easier and lower the effort needed to complete these various tasks.

These tables do this by being exceptionally stable, durable, chemical resistant, resistant to continuous heat exposure, moisture resistant,  and secure whilst also fulfilling a range of different needs that would have otherwise required multiple pieces of furniture.

How LabTech Can Help You Get The Right Furniture For Your Lab

LabTech Supply is an industry leader in assisting labs with their custom furniture needs. Having a strong, steady, and stable workspace is an essential tool for success. By using years of experience and with the help of a dedicated team, LabTech has been able to assist labs in designing and installing the necessary furniture and tabletops needed to undertake their difficult work.

With the simple addition of a high-quality piece of custom-made furniture, any lab can reap a large range of positive benefits for their space and users. Get in touch with LabTech and receive the lab furniture that truly makes a difference within every space.

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