Optimize Your Cannabis Lab for Productivity and Collaboration

When you are designing or upgrading your cannabis laboratory, you’ll want to keep productivity and collaboration in mind. When your lab is productive, your company will produce better results and obtain more clients. Before you rush to the nearest laboratory supply company, consider some of the top tips to bolster productivity.

Pay Attention to Color

Have you ever noticed how shopping centers, retail stores, and restaurants utilize different colors in their designs? Colors have been proven to impact mood and emotions. Select lab colors that will give the desired effect.

Sharp and vivid colors: You’ll most likely see these in fast-food restaurants or other areas with high turnover. Reds are meant to enhance energy while yellows help people feel alert.

Bright colors: Reds, blues, and greens are used to help create focus.

Cool colors: Blues and greens are often used to promote creative thinking.

While you may not have a vast variety of color options when it comes to laboratory tables and lab cabinets, you can personalize each item in your lab to promote a good mood and make lab techs more efficient. 

Pay Attention to Posture

When employees use less exertion, and few motions to complete tasks helps increase productivity. Mostly, reducing the number of movements in regular routines keeps employees from becoming fatigued. When purchasing lab tables, chairs, and laboratory workbenches, look for the kind that adjusts. Look for floor mats that help relieve pain from standing for long periods. 

When considering where employees will sit or stand, it’s worth designing a lab with a mixture of both open and closed spaces. Having some proximity between researchers can contribute to collaboration. If possible, keep researchers on the same floor so that they are more likely to bump into each other outside of the lab. Chance encounters, even between disciplines, is a great way to promote positive work relationships and collaboration.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Proper lighting helps regulate your circadian rhythms. This regulation promotes more significant health and productivity. It has been shown that employees with access to natural light are less likely to call off and have higher rates of job satisfaction.

When possible, work to create natural views in the lab. Go for large windows that provide long views of the outside world. One of the significant health benefits of having outdoor views has to do with your eyes.

Because there are different distances available on which to focus, your eyes get exercise through dilating. This exercise reduces eye strain and allows employees to remain focused for more extended periods of time.

Pay Attention to Distractions

A great deal of work requires concentration. Excessive noise and other interruptions can take several minutes to overcome. Having multiple interruptions throughout the workday and cost hours of work.

Some labs have introduced white or pink noise into the working area, while others have designated quiet zones. If your lab space doesn’t have room for multiple zones, consider providing noise-canceling headphones to your employees.

While cannabis testing laboratory upgrades aren’t free, they can save money in the long run by creating a more productive and collaborative environment. If your budget doesn’t allow for any significant changes right away, consider implementing smaller steps to start the process.

A little bit of paint and reorganizing the room can make a huge difference. If you’re not sure how to convert your lab space into a more productive environment, consider working with a laboratory design specialist who can work with your specific needs.

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