What is Lab Casework

Laboratory casework is all the cabinets that your laboratory consists of, and the casework is an essential part of every lab. To have a functional, useful lab, you need to have the proper cabinets to store the equipment and to conduct your work.

However, there are several other things that you should know about laboratory casework as it is indeed a lot different to regular cabinets. The knowledge you can gain from this text can help you in the future when you need to upgrade your lab or outfit a new one.

The Key Feature of a Lab Work Space

Laboratory work involves a lot of tasks, and it is thus necessary to have an efficient and productive workplace with the right and quality equipment. That equipment usually is stored within cabinets, but the cabinets themselves are considered to be equipment as well, due to their necessity in every lab.

You need to have the right company that can make sturdy, quality, and custom made casework that will end up being the perfect fit for your lab. With a proper layout and design, you will have an ideal working environment.

The Material and Design

Laboratory casework is usually made from a very durable material (steel), but not always. You need to worry about a lot of things when it comes to them. Quality laboratory casework involves items like a full frame construction, removable rear panels, and much more.

They need to be sturdy, especially the shelves, as a lot of equipment will be stored inside. Proper casework also features doors and drawers which are double walled for stable and secure closing. There are rubber bumpers mounted on every door, so they close quietly.

Naturally, all of this can be custom made, to make necessary laboratory casework useful and highly functional for a lab. Check more about our custom tech furniture.

More Than Simple Storage Units

If you want to know what makes up excellent laboratory casework, you need to think of it and treat it as something more than simple storage units. They indeed are used mostly for storage units, but they are still much more than that. They store a lot of necessary and expensive equipment which is why the construction is better than most regular cabinets.

Laboratory cabinets are made to be water resistant, and they do not permit outside substances to penetrate the insides where the sensitive equipment is stored.

These complex storage units also help you organize your workplace by making everything at arm’s reach. That’s why it’s imperative to have a proper design.

In the end, it’s worth noting that you can always have several options in the sense that the cabinets can be supply cabinets, wall cabinets, as well as regular base cabinets. It’s up to you to choose what you need.

If you are interested in knowing more about the intricate details within and outside of laboratory casework, you should contact Lab Tech Supply Company. You will receive all the professional information you need to help with your decision. Then, you will be informed so you can buy the right cabinets to make your laboratory a better working environment and thus more productive.


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