Benefits of Custom-Designed Laboratory Casework Cabinetry

Modern-day labs in assembly work areas, inspection stations, and research laboratories are designed to offer technicians and researchers with a functional, safe working area, but they need to also be way more than that. Work surfaces are essential and so are other elements like laboratory casework cabinetry.

Custom casework that is designed to suit the needs of your lab specifically might be pricier than the standard manufactured casework, but it comes with many advantages. Here are some of the benefits of custom laboratory casework.

  1. Every Lab is Unique

Custom casework offers you the casework option that best fits your laboratory. Every lab is built in its own way; some are spacious and have their own floors while others have limited floor space.

Custom lab casework gives you the ability to decide what height you want for your counters, the number of drawers you want in your cabinets, etc. This is a huge benefit particularly for laboratories that want to renovate because it gives you the opportunity to install new casework that matches the design of your lab.

  1. Saves on Space

Custom casework can be a big advantage to labs that do not have much space. Due to the fact that custom lab manufacturers can make casework with unique dimensions, smaller laboratories have the chance to pick functional design options that work for them.

Standard casework dimensions may be big and bulky, which does not work well for small, squeezed labs. Moreover, custom casework can be easily configured to maximize on space and increase the storage capacity for a small lab design.

  1. Increased Flexibility

Labs have to handle multiple jobs per day. With advancements in technology, labs are responsible for increasing processes, and they require great flexibility to be able to tackle new jobs and accommodate new workers as the lab procedures continue to grow. Custom casework is made with future expansion plans in mind and is made to provide labs with great flexibility.

  1. Consistency in Appearance

Custom casework cabinetry is designed to fit your exact specifications, meaning that a manufacturer can make casework that has continuity not found in most standard designs. Moreover, custom casework provides better design choices for laboratories looking to make small renovations. A custom designer can match new casework to the color, shape, and material of your current casework, which ensures that you maintain your design continuity.

  1. Assured Durability

In most cases, custom casework manufacturers make the casework using high quality, durable materials such as top-grade stainless steel. This is because many of them take great pride in what they do and want to provide high-quality custom products to their clients. Custom lab casework is made with every client’s needs in mind, meaning that the necessary coating and materials in the cabinetry to prevent it from wearing out too quickly.

Custom casework provides you with a lab that is made specifically to suit your work and available space, and you will get a product that is guaranteed to last for many years. If you have more questions or suggestions about custom casework, please leave your comments below.

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