Laboratory Casework Manufacturers Can Help You Make an Effective Lab

Stainless steel laboratory tables, fume hoods, utility carts, and high-tech equipment are all must-haves for the modern laboratory. Most companies are highly selective when they choose both lab equipment and furnishings, and for good reason. These are investments that will pay dividends in the future.

But you should also consider the efficiency of your laboratory – and not just in the way it is designed and arranged.

The way in which you store both your reusable and disposable lab equipment can have a direct effect on the effectiveness of your lab. You go to great lengths to find the best equipment for your laboratory, so you should pay the same amount of attention to the laboratory casework you install as a storage solution.

Here’s how laboratory casework manufacturers can help you build a better lab.

Customized Laboratory Casework

It’s easy enough to order generic laboratory casework and install it in your space. But the very best laboratory casework manufacturers provide you with even more options to optimize efficiency.

For example, when considering your laboratory casework, you should take into account the following features:

  • Heavy duty load capacity
  • Sink cabinets
  • Double-walled doors and drawers
  • Wall, floor, or base cabinets
  • Cabinets of various heights
  • ADA- compliant lab cabinetry

The best laboratory casework manufacturers build products for both laboratory and industrial use. Regardless of your need, your lab cabinetry should stand up to rigorous use and protect your valuable equipment against spills and other lab accidents. Check the best furniture lab designs.


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High-Quality Casework Features

While it may be tempting to settle for less expensive options when choosing your casework, you can’t compromise on quality when the efficiency of your lab depends on your storage options. Here are some of the features you should look at when choosing casework:

Drawers, Shelves, and Cabinets

It may seem like a small factor, but the ease with which your shelves can be closed is important, as is the noise they make when they are opened and closed. In a quiet lab environment where dangerous chemicals are being used, or in an industrial environment where safety is paramount, loud distractions can be problematic.

The best laboratory casework drawers use a smooth roller bearing construction and include noise-dampening features like double walls and rubber bumpers.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is an essential consideration when designing your custom lab casework. With help from an experienced laboratory casework manufacturer, you can design laboratory cabinets, drawers, and slides that can support your heaviest equipment, including those that weight over 150 lb.


Lastly, the materials you select for your casework will determine their longevity and their resistance to general wear and tear. While cabinets and casework can come in a variety of materials, rigid 18g steel is the best material for laboratory environments across industries.

Work with a Trusted Laboratory Casework Manufacturer

You have plenty of choices when selecting laboratory casework manufacturers. LabTech Supply Company’s casework is manufactured in the United States and made from quality materials. We work with you from start to finish to deliver the custom casework you need, and we pride ourselves on our fast lead time and professional installation.

Contact us today at 800-476-5228 to learn more.

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