Laboratory Casework and Cabinets for the Modern Laboratory

When most people envision a laboratory, they may think of something similar to what they experienced in high school: rows of lab tables covered in test tubes, microscopes, beakers, and maybe even a Bunsen burner or two.

In reality, the modern laboratories of today’s businesses resemble office spaces due to the influx of technology. They come complete with high-grade furniture, computers, and of course, plenty of secure storage.

Laboratory casework is an essential component of the modern laboratory, and it isn’t a consideration to take lightly. Your investment in quality laboratory casework will have a direct impact on the success and efficiency of your laboratory, whether you’re operating a production laboratory, a clinical laboratory, or even a data analytics lab.

Here are some of the most important attributes of laboratory casework:

Secure Cabinets

When working in industrial conditions or in proximity to hazardous or corrosive materials, the strength and security of your cabinetry are integral for safeguarding your lab equipment. That’s why it’s important to only invest in cabinets made from rigid 18g steel.

Sourcing cabinets from U.S. manufacturers is also a good practice to safeguard against bad quality, as U.S. lab equipment must reach rigorous standards before it can go to market.

You may also wish to keep certain cabinets secure with locking mechanisms. The organization of your cabinets can also contribute to a more productive workplace. While your cabinets at home may be spacious, lab casework with numerous shelves and drawers make it easier to organize, store, and find essential equipment.

Strong, Sturdy Design

Your laboratory casework needs to stand the test of time. Not only must it be durable in the face of laboratory accidents, but it must withstand daily use to keep delivering on your investment. While materials like wood and laminate can be durable, there is nothing more appropriate for a modern laboratory than stainless steel.

Stainless steel lasts longer than any other product on the market, is easy to maintain, and requires little to no repair work. Furthermore, stainless steel is the most compatible materials for today’s flexible and customizable laboratories.

Unlike composite stone, wood, and other materials, casework and cabinets made from stainless steel can be customized and modified easily. They are heavy enough to be durable and reliable, but light enough to be moved if the need arises.

Customizable Casework

Of course, no modern laboratory would be complete without a bit of customization. Customizable casework lets you build a lab that matches your exact needs.

For example, you may consider using deep cabinets so that you can run utilities like water, gas, and power behind them. You may have exact specifications for draw sizes, so they can fit your technicians’ tools and be easy to organize. Furthermore, you may need other features like sinks, refrigeration units, fume hoods, or fume extraction systems.

With customizable casework, you can incorporate all these elements into your lab easily.

When selecting laboratory casework, look for the best materials on the market and choose products that are made in the United States. Ensure your casework comes from a manufacturer that meets the certification standards of the Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association. Read more about the best laboratory tables suppliers.

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