Is it Time to Switch to Modular Lab Furniture?

Adapting to the needs of a business’s daily activities requires laboratories to constantly evolve. Workspaces that require high specializations and quick configurations cannot typically be accommodated by traditional lab furniture.

Business and laboratory technicians are therefore unable to operate at their highest level of efficiency due to this issue. Modular laboratory furniture, on the other hand, allows companies to provide highly customized workstations for their lab technicians that support their work requirements well.

Modular lab furniture offers a number of benefits and important considerations for you and your technicians when you update your laboratory environment.

Why Switch to Modular Laboratory Furniture?

In modular labs, the furniture is designed to move around easily, meaning your new lab can be configured, and reconfigured, with little downtime at all. Additionally, modular labs offer an extended lifespan due to their versatility.

By customizing lab furniture, organizations can ensure that laboratory personnel has highly customizable workspaces. Today, laboratories can alter the layout design of a lab space without lifting heavy objects, thanks to adaptable or movable lab furniture.

How is it Compared to Fixed Laboratory Furniture?

Through mass manufacturing, manufacturers are able to reduce costs by producing modular laboratory furnishings in large quantities. By selling the system to distributors, end users will be able to take advantage of the savings of mass production.

With a modular lab furniture system, you save money and get substantial gains on larger projects because of the cost savings. As a result of the customization that takes place throughout the entire process of planning, production, and assembly—custom cabinetry costs can be significantly higher.

Is Modular Furniture More Expensive?

In addition to requiring a considerable amount of labor, installing fixed lab furniture on-site drives up project costs. Depending on the size of the project, fixed casework can cost twice as much as modular furniture.

Modular lab furniture already comes factory assembled, meaning, most of the work is done for you. Modular furniture installation is, therefore, much faster and much cheaper on-site than a traditional furniture installation.

Ideally, modular lab furniture is not only the lowest cost solution but also the most convenient, especially for large installations, when you add up the cost of purchase and the labor involved.

Benefits for Your Laboratory Workspace

Modular lab furniture simplifies lab space reconfiguration, which is one of its main advantages. Move cabinets, fume hoods, and lab tables around so you have better traffic flow, access to common areas, etc

With modular furniture, you can change your whole floor plan. By adding more shelves cabinets, and accessories to your existing modular furniture installation, you can easily increase your storage density.

In order to keep up with the latest advancements in science, laboratories are being reconfigured much earlier than they anticipated as new laboratory equipment and technologies continue to roll out.

A fixed laboratory design layout, however, makes it much more difficult to make changes to it. There can be a great deal of complexity and disruption in a construction project even if there are only small changes.

Maintenance is Easy with Modular Lab Furniture

The modular laboratory design aids in compliance with regulations regarding safety and hygiene because it is easier to wash and maintain.

It would be possible to keep the laboratory space neat if you were able to move forensic workstations, storage, laboratory equipment, seating, and lab tables without exerting any effort. As a result, various types of hazardous particulate, solvent, or gas exposures are reduced and constant monitoring is more convenient.

There has always been a priority placed on safety in laboratory settings. In order to comply with quality standards, laboratory furnishings need to be flexible in order to allow for comprehensive protection.

Modular Lab Furniture is Cost-Effective

Choosing modular laboratory furniture is a cost-effective way to furnish a lab. Depending on the company’s changing needs, lab environments can get bigger or smaller quickly.

The modular laboratory furniture option allows you to pay for only the equipment your labs need, deferring the need for planning a full lab build-out.

It is possible to postpone the initial investment in a complete laboratory fit-out by making use of adaptable lab furniture instead. By doing this, you’ll be able to deal with potential expansions of the lab while also improving the lab as it grows.

Modular Furniture Provides Better Renovation and Relocation Options

There should be no hesitation when it comes to changing a lab application at any moment. It is essential for your lab to be flexible enough to adjust to new needs quickly, whether you are adding new staff, increasing production, or adding another process.

Choosing a modular laboratory design will give you those options. A change in lab design does not require downtime, so you can reconfigure it whenever you want. As a result, you’ll be more productive, will save money, and your employees will enjoy a better working environment.

When your lab’s lease ends or you can’t expand internally, you might need to move to a new location, and this goes the same if you have high rental rates—making modular furniture an obvious choice.

Changing the location of a fixed casework lab is not an easy task. A built-in piece of furniture, such as fume hoods, cannot be removed without causing damage to the walls. As a result of the removal procedure, work surface fixtures will be defaced, requiring new ones for installation.

A modular piece of furniture, on the other hand, is easy to disassemble, move, and reassemble in a new place with no hassle, cost, or time invested.

Choose Only High-Quality Laboratory Furniture from LabTech Supply Co.

Adding modular laboratory furniture to your workplace layout will allow you to reap all these benefits. When you switch to modular lab furniture design from traditional fixed laboratory furniture, every aspect of your laboratory will be future-proofed, so you’ll be able to upgrade and change things more easily.

You can reach out to us with any questions you have and we’ll help you create the perfect solutions for your laboratory design needs. You may email us at or contact us at 800-476-5228 at LabTech Supply Co. today!

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