Red Flags to Look Out for When Buying Used Laboratory Furniture

It can be extremely expensive to update or build a laboratory. Among the construction costs are laboratory equipment and workstations required to fill the lab, not to mention the construction of the facility. It may be necessary to purchase refurbished or used laboratory furniture instead if your budget is somewhat limited.

With careful selection and regular inspection, lab furniture can be efficiently and cost-effectively purchased. You can minimize the risk associated with the process when you know what to look for and what questions to ask.

The Laboratory Furniture is in Poor Quality

A personal inspection of the goods is the only way to be sure that they are what you expect. Aside from the details in the listings, taking a closer look in person can help you spot flaws like missing gears, mismatched hardware, and badly fitted doors and shelves.

The architect or construction manager must convince you that the used laboratory equipment or furniture in question is suitable for your lab renovation or construction project. While others would rather go with new laboratory furniture and new products because they are concerned about the risk involved.

It Does Not Meet Industry Regulations

Laboratory facilities are required by many industries for onsite research and experimentation. Each type of lab has its own purpose, handles a wide array of work, and has a variety of risks associated with it.

Depending on your lab, you may have to follow certain regulations. Whenever you’re choosing used laboratory furniture, you need to make sure it meets or exceeds regulations.

Chemical labs need laboratory furniture that can handle the chemicals they use. Polypropylene, for instance, exhibits the highest acid resistance when used in highly acidic environments. Alternatively, a phenolic resin may be the best solution if moisture is a concern. The laboratory equipment that you choose for your lab should be based on what you need from it.

There is a possibility that the used furniture has outdated electrical and data components, as well as minimal cable capacities if it has been used for some time. Today, laboratories are highly dependent on technology, which could make operations more difficult if upgrades are not made.

Future Maintenance Concerns

Despite the fact that there is high-quality used lab furniture on the market, over time you will still experience wear and tear. As a result, you should ensure that all used laboratory furniture and equipment are properly maintained.

Cleaning the area after each use is often as simple as wiping it down. If you want to clean the surface properly, you can use soft cloths and appropriate cleaning materials. However, the laboratory furniture may be damaged if you use an abrasive cleaner.

It Does Not Meet Your Floor Plans

It is crucial to understand the layout prior to purchasing used lab equipment and laboratory furniture. Modular laboratory furniture can be an excellent option in many situationsā€”it makes setting up and arranging the lab easy when you have a small space. When you move into a bigger lab, you can put it there too.

Many laboratory furniture sets are custom-made for the original space in which they are placed. Particularly with a wide array of lab cabinets, fume hoods, and countertops. As a result, used lab furniture does not always fit your lab’s needs and your laboratory may look like a hastily constructed facility. Your image with potential customers and employee morale can be negatively affected.

The measurements should be double-checked before you buy any used laboratory furniture. Space requirements must be met, but personnel must still have plenty of room to move. Usually, companies have to pay more money if they need to make modifications when there is a fit issue.Ā 

No Access to Parts for Repair

Obtaining critical parts for repair may be challenging when the manufacturer and supplier are out of business. Another issue may be if the manufacturer is based overseas.

Manufacturers often phase out the production and availability of parts when they develop new laboratory furniture and new products, making it hard to get parts, even when the furniture is still in production.

Warranty Concerns

Parts and labor are usually covered by warranties on new laboratory furniture. The same protection is not often offered with used laboratory furniture, therefore, the cost of ongoing service remains your responsibility.

An unauthorized installer may void any original warranty on furniture if he disassembles and reassembles any parts or accessories of it.

Make sure you get as much information about the original manufacturer when buying used laboratory furniture. It may be difficult to directly communicate with the product if it was manufactured overseas. You may want to consider a local lab furniture manufacturer.

Hidden Issues

The risk of defects is always present when you purchase used items. In some cases, spotting these defects can net you a great deal, provided that they don’t affect your operation’s safety or cleanliness.

It is also possible for defects to negatively impact your employees’ safety and the bottom line of your business.

Risky Transactions

Beware of scam artists when shopping online. A few unscrupulous auctioneers and brokers prey on unsuspecting buyers seeking a bargain on a used priceā€”despite the fact that the vast majority are honest.

To ensure that you receive the most information about the history of the used lab furniture, you should inspect the laboratory furniture in person before making a payment. Make sure you have documentation confirming the seller can sell you the used lab equipment free and clear if it is being sold as a result of bankruptcy.

Hopefully, this guide will help you make wise, intelligent decisions when purchasing used laboratory furniture.

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